Wawanesa Insurance Claim

Wawanesa Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Wawanesa Insurance Provider

All Wawanesa Insurance claims are processed through the same phone number at 1-800-427-9669 or 1-800-572-5246. If you are filing a claim in the state of California, visit http://www.wawanesageneral.com/secure/claims/CA/EN/submitclaim.html to start the claim online. In Oregon, visit http://www.wawanesageneral.com/secure/claims/OR/EN/submitclaim.html to start your claim online.

Wawanesa Insurance is available in California and Oregon. In California, the insurance company offers auto insurance and home insurance. In Oregon, auto insurance is available to customers. Wawanesa Insurance opened in 1896 as an insurance company for farmers in Canada. The first insurance policies in the United States were available to residents in California in 1974.

About a Wawanesa Insurance Plan

Wawanesa Insurance plans payments are set based on total premium price. Each policy is quoted as a 12-month premium with two payment options – 40/30/30 or 20/10. The 40/30/30 payment plan consists of three payments. The first payment is 40% of the total premium with the remaining two payments being 30% of the total premium each. The 20/10 payment plan breaks the premium into nine payments with the first payment being 20% of the total premium and the remaining eight payments being 10% of the total premium each. The 20/10 payment plan is only available on auto insurance policies if the total premium is in excess of $300.

Coverage Details

Coverage details for home and auto insurance policies from Wawanesa Insurance may be based on state law – especially in the case of automobile insurance policies. Premiums are often calculated based on coverage offered by the insurance policy with basic coverage costing less than more advanced coverage and reduced out of pocket expenses.

Where to Get a Quote: Wawanesa Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service toll): 1-858-874-5300

By phone (customer service toll-free California): 1-800-640-2920

By phone (customer service toll-free Oregon): 1-800-438-4300

By phone (fax): 1-619-285-2711

By phone (claims California): 1-858-874-5301

By phone (claims California and Oregon): 1-800-427-9669

By phone (claims California and Oregon): 1-800-572-5246

By email (claims California): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/CA/EN/claims-report.html

By email (customer service California): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/CA/EN/contact-service.html

By email (feedback California): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/CA/EN/feedback.html

By email (claims Oregon): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/OR/EN/claims-report.html

By email (customer service Oregon): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/OR/EN/contact-service.html

By email (feedback Oregon): http://www.wawanesageneral.com/OR/EN/feedback.html

By mail:

Wawanesa Insurance9050 Friars Rd. San Diego, CA 92108

Official website: http://www.wawanesageneral.com

Check on your claim status: You can check on the status of your claim by calling 1-800-427-9669 or 1-800-572-5246. Claims can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but your claims processor may not be available to talk with you about your claim outside of normal business hours.

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