Wellcare Health Plans Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Wellcare Health Plans Provider

Wellcare Health Plans claims will be submitted by your healthcare provider. If you are having trouble with a claim or a claim has been denied, contact the phone number listed below for the health plan administration team in your state.

Wellcare Health Plans are directly associated with government programs – Medicare and Medicaid. All insurance plans provided by Wellcare Health Plans follow the rules and regulations setup on a federal and state level for the aforementioned programs. Plans are available for children and adults.

About a Wellcare Health Plans Plan

Wellcare Health Plans are available as standalone and supplemental health insurance coverage. The two areas of expertise are Medicaid (no cost) and Medicare. Medicare plans may require a monthly premium, which is paid directly to Wellcare Health Plans.

Coverage Details

Coverage details for Wellcare Health Plans are set by state and federal government. For more information on coverage details, check the Medicaid portion of the website at https://wellcare.com/medicaid/default or the Medicare portion of the website at https://wellcare.com/medicare/default.

Where to Get a Quote: Wellcare Health Plans Contact Info & Login

By phone: There is a long list of contact phone numbers separated by state.


  • Arizona: 1-877-560-3213
  • Connecticut: 1-866-579-8006
  • Connecticut Special Needs: 1-866-635-7047
  • Florida: 1-888-888-9355
  • Florida Special Needs: 1-866-637-8041
  • Georgia: 1-866-334-7730
  • Georgia Special Needs: 1-866-482-3361
  • Hawaii: 1-888-505-1201
  • Hawaii Special Needs: 1-877-457-7621
  • Illinois: 1-866-334-6876
  • Illinois Special Needs: 1-866-439-1190
  • Kentucky: 1-877-560-2766
  • Kentucky Special Needs: 1-877-560-2766
  • Louisiana: 1-866-804-5926
  • Louisiana Special Needs: 1-866-530-9488
  • Missouri: 1-866-6887-8994
  • Missouri Special Needs: 1-866-635-7049
  • New Jersey: 1-866-765-4385
  • New York: 1-800-278-5155
  • New York Access: 1-866-482-3363
  • New York Advocate Complete: 1-866-661-1232
  • New York Liberty: 1-866-491-5746
  • Ohio: 1-866-687-8815
  • Ohio Special Needs: 1-866-530-9487
  • Texas: 1-866-687-8878
  • Texas Special Needs: 1-866-530-9495


  • Florida HealthEase: 1-800-278-0656
  • Florida HealthEase Kids: 1-800-278-8178
  • Florida Staywell: 1-866-334-7927
  • Florida Staywell Kids: 1-866-698-5437
  • Georgia WellCare: 1-866-231-1821
  • Hawaii Ohana: 1-888-846-4262
  • Illinois Harmony Health Plan: 1-800-608-8158
  • New York Healthy Choice: 1-800-288-5441
  • New York Child Health Plus: 1-800-288-5441
  • New York Family Health Plus: 1-800-288-5441
  • Ohio WellCare: 1-800-951-7719

Medicare Prescription Plans

  • Wellcare Classic and Extra: 1-888-550-5252
  • Wellcare Health Plans: 1-866-530-9491

By email: https://wellcare.com/contactus/contactus/report

By mail:

Wellcare Health Plans P.O. Box 31372 Tampa, FL 33631

Official website: https://wellcare.com/

Inquire about your Wellcare Health Plans claim status: To check the status of your Wellcare Health Plans claim, contact your healthcare provider. Claims status is reported to the physician filing the claim within days or weeks of the claim filing being received by the insurance provider. In many cases, the physician will verify coverage prior to providing care.

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