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  1. I need information on two (2) old claims of our client Dane Moxam. He had two workers’ comp claims, 6/27/2017 #188528967001 and 10/30/2016 #183375351001. Please let me know how I can obtain the medical records for these 2 claims. We are working on a new claim for Mr. Moxam at this time. Thank you.

  2. We received a customer satisfaction survey regarding our recent claim to the this email address:

    We have no record of a policy with John Hancock or a claim. We are worried that there is fraud of some kind. Could you reach out and explain why we received a survey to the email address mentioned here

  3. I need information on how and where I can file a claim. I don’t have the police number. The police is in Florida and I am in Mississippi. My husband passed away in Utah on Decenber6. His name was James Robert Hazelwood. My name is Patricia Ann Hazelwood.

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