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Filing the Claim With AARP Health Insurance Provider

To file a claim with AARP Health Insurance, you’ll need to call the customer care center at 1-800-444-6544. The automated response line is open 24 hours and day with express instructions on how to file a claim. If you’d rather talk to a representative about the claim process, call between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday. All hours are in EST and there are no representatives available on Sundays.

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-profit organization that supports people age 50 and older. There are branches of the organization in all 50 states. Health coverage is provided to AARP members by Aetna Health branded to AARP.

About An AARP Insurance Health Plan

All of the payment information for your AARP Health Insurance plan is available on the official website for the plan you currently hold. AARP does not underwrite the health care plans, they simply work with the companies to offer plans to AARP members. Visit your plans official website for information on billing frequency, payment options and more here:

Coverage Details

Branded health care options from AARP include:

  • AARP MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons (Medicare Advantage):You must be eligible for Medicare part A and pay premiums for Medicare part B to qualify. Medicare Advantages takes over your health care insurance, but you’ll remain enrolled in Medicare part B.
  • AARP MedicareRX Plans insured through UnitedHealthcare (Medicare Part D):Prescription plan that helps regulate and control prescription costs for Medicare recipients.
  • AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance:May cover some of the fees not covered under Medicare part A and Medicare part B.
  • AARP Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Pays the policy holder cash payments if hospitalized. Payments are not adjusted if primary insurance is available to pay health care costs.
  • AARP Essential Health Insurance: Individual health insurances for people aged 50 to 64 (and dependents.) Can be used as a primary health coverage until eligible for Medicare.

Where to Get a Quote: AARP Health Insurance Contact Info & Login

If you want a quote for AARP Health Insurance, contact an agent for more information. You can also access your account online to view claim status and information on the billing process.

Contact a Personal Health Insurance Advisor by phone: 1-866-376-4481

Contact health insurance customer service: 1-800-444-6544

By email: Fill out the email contact form on the AARP Health site here:

By mail:

AARP Health
PO Box 1017
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Official website:

Check the claim status for your health plan: If you need to check the claim status of a health claim, you’ll need to log in to your account on the appropriate website. AARP Medicare Plan holders can log in here All other health plans offered through AARP can log in here

57 Comments on “AARP Health Insurance Claim
  1. How do you run an insurance company and dont provide access to claims forms. I even called and was given no informatiom for filing a claim. So, how DOES one file a claim? Or did no one plan for that eventuality.

  2. Why can’t I just print out a claim form and send it in with my hospital bill? What, don’t you want to make it easy for us to get some money back to help us? You’re making it all too difficult.

  3. My husband has AARP Health Insurance and when he is in hospital AARP AUTOMATICALLY sends his Indemnity Insurance payment – NO CLAIM FORM OR REQUEST OR ANYTHING SENT IN TO AARP. I also have AARP Hospital Indemnity Insurance, but have Medicare Complete health Insurance and I HAVE TO GET A COPY OH HOSPITAL BILL AND SEND IT IN AND THERE IS NO CLAIM FORM. WHY THE DIFFERENCE??? AARP is fast becoming one of my least favorite things for insurance and all other member benefits!

    • It’s been since March 2015 I have sent in to claims and haven’t and no reply this is unacceptable seriously thanking about cancelling my automatic payments.

  4. This is horrible service. Myself and all above only want to be able to print and claim form and mail it in. How do I do this? I’ve never seen this before. Had UHC through Century Link and it was simple. Please help

  5. I finally received my payment coupons but you failed to send me any of your payment envelopes.

    Please send me the necessary envelopes as soon as possible. I need them now!!

  6. How can I check my claim status on line if I can’t get to that page as “Page not found” comes up after several tries.

  7. How do I make a claim when there are no claim forms? This is the worst Company to try to get my supplemental insurance from!

  8. AARP is very difficult with claims forms its been three weeks no check wen call representatives who answer phone always give run around don’t transfer to claims department when request for claim status , they have been getting worse past four years with claim forms heard alot negative comments about this shame on them misleading information about themselves. God bless them all!!!

  9. Wow, talk about not being user friendly… what is the group number? IT looks like we can’t do anything online. Geez..

  10. I am a new aarp customer, and after reading these commets, I am seriously concerned about aarp’s willingness to settle claims expediently

  11. No claim forms available, nor the information how does the Indemnity Plan works and what can I expect from you.

  12. Having a problem get my claim filed sent information twice . Got to back to the hospital a 3rd time to ask for the same information. Why is this so complicated.

  13. My mother has the United Health Care Hospital Indemnity plan. Neither AARP or United Health will send her any information on what is covered, how to file a claim or even a new membership card. This is terrible service. And it is impossible to find any info online. Yet they happily debit her checking account each month.

  14. I concur with every comment made above. To make matters worse, I called today and a recorded voice says that they are closed “for systems enhancements” and suggest that I call them next Tuesday when they reopen, FIVE DAYS FROM NOW! I’ve been trying to settle my father’s hospitalization claim for 9 months and have spent huge amounts of time writing letters and making phone calls to get them what they need for the claim. Each time there are new rules. They won’t accept a Tri-Care bill that accounts for his hospital stay. Must be from the hospital itself. They require a letter, not a claim form with all the required info. The letter must be witnessed and notarized. It must be sent by US mail and not fax or email. They say that if any information is missing, I’ll need to start over, which I’ve now done about 4 times. I no longer believe that this is just a bureaucratic process. I believe it is outright fraud designed to discourage claims and enhance profits. I’m going to continue to pursue the claim, but will drop my AARP membership based on their willing participation in defrauding seniors by allowing this to continue.

  15. I can’t file a claim if I don’t have a claim form..AARP sent 3 return envelopes with address, but no claim forms to submit. After talking to several AARP people, they don’t seem to know exactly what to do! I NEED CLAIM FORMS……

  16. Been trying to log in since Friday but always get a “500” error — try again later. When will it be fixed???

  17. my doctor does not file insurance claims. I am having the same problems as those above. how can this be resolved? I am thinking of switching to humana.

  18. I too tried to download a claims form (that’s what the customer service rep said yesterday… no luck. Today I called and asked for a supervisor. Talked to Aquantia who told me that AARP needs a copy of my Medicare Summary Notice; and fax to her at 844-496-7283. I also faxed a copy of my umpaid bill. Apparently, you cannot download a claim for as AARPs website implies with their “forms button.” You would think that the customer service folks would know that AARP does not use claim forms!

  19. Can’t connect, nor get any information on this! Should I stop my automatic payments? What is the address to send this info. Very poor website!!!!

  20. Wow. Went to hospital (40 miles round trip) to get discharge papers to show admittance date and discharge date. Sent documents to AARP. After waiting 1 month without having received my claim money, I called. I couldn’t believe I actually talked to someone. The person told me that I now needed to provide documentation of the type of surgery I had. Frankly, I don’t think that’s any of AARP’s business. Now I have to have my sister take me back 40 miles to the hospital or maybe I’ll ask the surgeon. Geez!

  21. Every above comment is true. This is horrible service. The websites all take you to Medicare. I’m not interested in Medicare. I want info on the AARP Hospital Plan. Got a letter explaining that I could register my plan at Yeah, right. This link is purely a domain name. Called and spoke to a Rep. She said she always has “luck” at Geez. I give up. Horrible service. I don’t know about you, but I am shocked that AARP conducts business this way. Do I want to be aggravated for just $90 – $144/day? And by the way, just wait until you receive your “2016 Quick Guide to your Resources”. Laughable,,just laughable. A complete joke. I was just about ready to call AARP to tell them that they forget to enclose the guide! Unbelievable!

  22. Need to have a claim form to appeal an denial of doctors bill. There is no such form available. This is not good as I will have to write letters and hope for a response. This WEB-SITE is horrible.

  23. I mailed in claim for hospitalization from 11/2-12/7 in NYC hospital and today 2/4/15 they claim to have never received anything for hospital indemnity plan b5 reimbursement. I think this show their poor service

    Lori Silverberg

  24. They fail to pay hospital indemnity plan benefits nor call hospital to confirm hospitalization on top of losing your claim so I could baits in a full refund for past three years

    B-5 plan

  25. I need a claim form. I have been in this AARP Health Insurance Program, AARP Group hospital Plan since 12/01/94. I have never filed a claim, now I need to file one. Why can’t I download a claim form? I need a claim form. I need someone to respond to my request for a claim form. I have never missed a payment!!!!!

  26. I’ve just been told by an Aarp Mgr who claims hospital indemnity requires a bill to be processed while this has never been disclosed only that you get a sum per day based on being hospitalized

    I expect either the sum after 5 years of paying premiums or a full refund

  27. This is one of the few places,that you don’t have to worry about claim forms.It is so simple to just get a copy of hospital bill and mail it in.How simple is this.Have never had problems doing it this way.Hope it doesn’t change…Thank you….Nancy East

  28. I need a claim form to turn in a physician bill. I have AARP United Health Care, and supplemental insurance through Continental. I am unable to access a claim form no matter how hard I try.

  29. i have tried for over 1 hour a5 phone calls and I still donothave and answer to my simple question. i need the address to file a calim to united healthcare indemnity ins

  30. Being #38 on this list his does not bode well for a quick resolution, but I need the page “to contest a claim” included with statements. I’d prefer access one to download one as I have everything else ready to mail in. I foolhardily didn’t expect to have any problems. Thank you.

  31. This is becoming a concern. We have never had to send a bill for payment of hospital indemnity but was told this is now the new rule. I concur that they are never knowledgeable on the phone if you can find the phone number and the efficient processing from previous years has gotten worse.

  32. I rate the info & process a “0”. Impossible to simply download a form for obtaining a reimbursement from AARP Medicare Supplemental Plan. CRAZY & intentionally difficult.

  33. years ago I bough this plan. Do not have no paper work on it they take $750 out of my checking each month. They are supposed to pay $46.00 dollars a day. I now have stage 4 lung despise and must have help .please send me what I should do.

  34. I am very unhappy with AARP claims dept. I spoke to a person 1 month ago, who gave me hopeful information, only to call again yesterday and was told, there is no such person in that dept. Are they crazy? How did I have the info I was giving them, they were basically calling me a liar, poor pooor poor customer service.

  35. I’ve been trying to find out the status of a claim filed going on three weeks now. Every time I call I’m told differant things. Last week is was being prossesed today it hasn’t been processed yet. I’m becoming very irritated and impatient. I can’t get any answers unless I’m on hold for 25 to 30 mins.

  36. I have called twice about getting claims forms so I can get reimbursement for my appointment in May 2017. First I was sent the wrong form. Even though I carefully explained what my claim was for (an appointment, examination), I was sent a drug reimbursement form. This took a long time to receive. Then I called again and was given a on-line site to get the form. The on-line site, again and again, said the site was not available. The person who gave me the on-line site information, also said he would send me the form. It has been weeks and the form has not arrived! I was also told that I have a year to file the claim, so no worries. Please! I am worried. I have had some very bad experience in the past with insurance companies, several companies. The experience is you have to keep at it, keep sending letters, copy the letters to the State Attorney, other state agencies, copy the executives of the company (so that is on record), etc. People give up, and one cannot blame them, or they are aged, or too physically weak so they get taken advantage of. Or an employee doesn’t do their job correctly. Who can tell. Somebody please make the process easier to get the forms on line!!!

  37. I need help i have talked to 4 people no one knows nything and keep telling me to log in if anyone has gotten help please tell me how thank you

  38. I AM LOOKING FOR THE VERBIAGE THAT STATES OUT Patient surgery may include a monetary benefit for the patient. my doctor requests a $300.00 co pay per visit; I HAVE SEVERAL I WAS NOT AWARE OF.

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