ACCC Insurance Company Insurance Claim

ACCC Insurance Company Claim

Filing The Claim with ACCC Insurance Company Provider

Start your claim with ACCC Insurance Company at You will be your policy number and PIN to file the claim. Help is available if you do not have the policy number or if you need assistance registering your policy. Simply call customer service for your state to reach an agent who can help you file your claim.

We were unable to find a lot of detailed information about ACCC Insurance Company. It appears the company specializes in automobile insurance, but little else is available online and nothing is available on the official website.

About an ACCC Insurance Company Plan

Your ACCC Insurance Company premiums are likely calculated on a rolling basis with renewal policies being written every six to 12 months. Customers may be given the opportunity to pay premiums in full when the policy starts or as installment payments.

Coverage Details

We were unable to locate information about policies available from ACCC Insurance. We do know the company offers auto insurance and state laws regulate minimum coverage requirements, so each state will offer slightly different policies. Contact your local ACCC Insurance office to find out more about automobile insurance policies offered in your state.

Where to Get a Quote: ACCC Insurance Company Contact Info & Login

By phone: When contacting ACCC Insurance Company, you need to choose the contact information for your state.

  • Alabama Customer Service: 1-866-675-3535
  • Alabama Claims: 1-866-820-5603
  • Georgia Customer Service: 1-800-441-8842
  • Georgia Claims: 1-800-251-6436
  • Louisiana Customer Service: 1-800-672-2818
  • Louisiana Claims: 1-800-265-0607
  • Mississippi Customer Service: 1-800-672-2818
  • Mississippi Claims: 1-800-265-0607
  • New Mexico Customer Service: 1-888-446-4413
  • New Mexico Claims: 1-888-447-4464
  • South Carolina Customer Service: 1-800-651-1658
  • South Carolina Claims: 1-800-651-1589
  • Texas Customer Service: 1-888-823-0888
  • Texas Claims: 1-888-879-8363

By email: There are no email addresses or contact forms listed on the ACCC Insurance Company website.

By mail:

ACCC Insurance Company – AlabamaP.O. Box 5370Alpharetta, GA 30023


ACCC Insurance Company – GeorgiaP.O. Box 4290Alpharetta, GA 30023


ACCC Insurance Company – Louisiana, MississippiP.O. Box 681628Houston, TX 77268


ACCC Insurance Company – New MexicoP.O. Box 680008Houston, TX 77268


ACCC Insurance Company – South CarolinaP.O. Box 2081Alpharetta, GA 30023


ACCC Insurance Company – TexasP.O. Box 680247Houston, TX 77268

Official website: Access the official website for ACCC Insurance Company at

Check on your claim status: Log in to your account at to check the status of your claim.

155 Comments on “ACCC Insurance Company Insurance Claim
  1. Customer service for Az is not very good. We have full coverage and our car is at Megan’s Autobody shop (she’s a close friend of mine) and our assigned adjuster for our claim sent an appraiser who came out and reviewed our car as “totaled” based on things that are NOT right in the first place… like the PRICING for the CAR PARTS the appraiser wrote was NOT right at all. We got ACCC’s appraiser’s estimate and Megan reviewed then and searched and called around because it looked so wrong! ACCC’s appraiser quoted front clip with LKQ for $3,600 but when we called LKQ to make sure this was right, they confirmed that it only cost $1,500. Front clip means it come with front bumper, headlights, fenders and bumpers etc..already, when he again quote all those parts separately.. then for the value, he dropped it low by stating that the clear coat of our front bumper and hood is peeling!!! Come on, both are damaged from accident! BOTTOM LINE: our car is NOT even close to being totaled. They are pointing fingers at each other now, while the adjuster said she will review and handle this without getting her boss involved. We’ve been calling and leaving messages for any updates or anymore info but no one is giving us a feedback or even calling us back. We are very upset and not happy with how ACCC insurance is handling this matter. All we ask them to do is to get a different appraiser to look at our car again instead of the same guy since he did NOT do a thorough estimate the first time and that’s just wasting our time and money by not having our own car.



  2. Customer service is horrible! Don’t try to call them if you don’t know their extension, there’s no operator. If you want to get a claim resolved; GOOD LUCK. Worst company I have seen in a long time! Oh and if you leave a message, don’t worry they will not call you back. I have left 20 messages to the claims and 10 to the supervisor with no return calls.

  3. your insurance company sucks. As a collision shop, you guys are the worst to deal with, even beyond Geico or Progressive! There is no reason for your offices to not write checks to the shops that repair the vehicles. There is no reason for your offices to send the checks to the lien-holder, since they are not the ones that repair the vehicles. This is one thing we will be reporting to the BBB. And we will no longer be accepting your insurance at our shop.

  4. I hate this insurance company. You wait on hold for almost a hr everytime you call. My accident happen earlier this month(May) and im still dealing with it. Trying to get incontact with your adjuster is like pulling teeth. Almost have to loose your morals to get anything accomplished. But dont pay your policy and they cancell it the next day i see. BBB i will be giving you a call. ACCC GETS NO STARS!!!!!

  5. I am extremely disappointed with the service I’ve received (or should I say, lack thereof). My vehicle was hit from behind by someone who was insured by this company. The accident took place 5-16-2014 & I am yet to have an adjuster out to inspect my vehicle. This is completely unacceptable. This claim should be closed by now; especially since the police report clearly indicates their client was at fault. I now see that filing a complaint with the BBB as well as hiring an attorney will be required to have this issue resolved.

  6. Looks like they score a 100%—for being the worst insurance company. I concur with all posted comments. I also have had a bad experience with ACCC. My car was totaled in an accident with their insured. They really low-balled me on my property settlement. I don’t know where they got their comparisons but I certainly haven’t been able to replace my car with anything comparable from their settlement. If you’re looking to buy insurance, avoid this company at all cost. I have two words for you…State Farm (worth every cent).

  7. This insurance companies claims department sucks. I have been getting run around now for weeks. Still have not been able to get my car fixed because of their service. NO ONE should get insurance with them.All I need is my car repair done and cannot do it because of their slow service. Not only slow service but they do not want to come off with enough money to make the necessary repairs. When I did find someone to fix car with what are giving me….they do not send the money to have it done so now I am stuck paying out of my pocket for what they should pay. I hope the go bankrupt or something.

    • That’s not true at all, actually. I work for a loan servicing company, specializing in used car loans, and this insurance company is BY FAR the most difficult to deal with. They lowball against the Kelley Blue Book value of every car by AT LEAST $1000.00, leaving the customer responsible for handling whatever’s left of their car loan. This company uses software by a company called CCC Evaluation, which basically means that all estimates are created within the company. ACCC has had 52 complaints in the last three years, of which 12 have been resolved. Their current score with the Better Business Bureau is an “F”. I personally always recommend to any customer who uses this company to seek another company. State Farm and Progressive tend to be the most cooperative and offer the best pay-outs, in my experience. However, you should ALWAYS read up on what you’re buying, no matter which company you go with.

    • Nothing good to say about untrained staff. Very geared toward the good of the companies bottom line. Obviously this is a ponzi scheme. I feel like a slave that can’t get away.

  8. This insurance company is sucks been long time had a accident on 17th may, did not pay my van repair money.BBB need to investigate this company and close their business as soon as possible otherwise they giving trouble somebody.I wish not other insurance company learn dishonesty corruption follow them.Don’t buy policy from ACCC cause they are going to bankruptcy very soon.

  9. My Accident happen in March and I havent seen any resolve and I’ve made many attempts to reach out to someone to get this handled and all I get is Voicemail Boxes this is why the BIG insurance companies can charge so much cuz they get things handled and these low budget insurance companies just dont care or handle their business. My Lexus was smashed in the rear by one of their policy holders and as you can see I’m still waiting!!!!

  10. ACCS sucks. This is worst insurance company I have ever dealt with.lets just say every statement above is about the same thing im dealing with. Can’t ever get anyone on the phone.I have a 2014 Chevy impala andits been fixed for two weeks but the body shop can’t ever get anyone on the phone, so my car is just sitting there until the check come in.they are ridiculous and I will be no longer a customers as soon as I get this check they are as good as cancelled.

  11. As a lien holder I have dealt with ACCC many many times. They are perhaps the worst insurance company we have dealt with in the 20+ years we have been in business. Unprofessional and the claims almost seem like a game to them.

  12. Me and my husband filed a claim after we got hit at a redlight by a lady who has insurance with this company. At first they were nice about getting everything done then when the guy was suppose to come out and give us an estimate on the damage he never called to say that he was there and so I dont even know if he even showed. The second thing is that I have currently left 10 voicemails to the insurance claims adjuster and still have not heard back from him and it has been almost two weeks since the accident and still no return phone call from management or the adjuster. I have tried talking to the operator to see if they could see any progress and only thing she said was ok. This insurance company is a scam and customer service is the worst I have seen and dealt with for years.

  13. This is the worst insurance company ever! i got into a car accident where the other driver hit the rear right side of my car. i filed a claim with the other drivers insurance (all sate) and the other driver believed it was my fault and filed it with ACCC. Before Allsate could even make a decision ACCC declared me at fault and paid for the other drivers car. my car was totaled and i got nothing because ACCC DIDNT EVEN TRY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR CUSTOMER! Never came to look at the vehicle to see the damages. They believed the other driver and just put me at fault. THY ARE VERY LAZY! Representatives don’t speak fluent english or have any common sense! I am getting 4 of my friends/family to switch insurance and anyone who reads this please don’t go with ACCC!!! I got a lawyer and this company is getting sued!

  14. What are you doing about the claim filed against your policy no. MSE0258035-5; this claim was filed on 8/10/14. An agent came out and took photographs of the damages, but we still haven’t heard from your office.

  15. I do not like this insurance company either. I needed my windshield repaired and it was appraised at about 1/2 of what the actual repair amount was. The appraiser would not even call back the place doing the repairs.

  16. This insurance is by far the worst insurance I’ve ever dealt with. I was hit by a client of ACCC 3 weeks ago, the adjuster to the claim has failed to return any of my calls and voicemails, not to mention emails. His name is Alan Beck. I will be filing a case against this insurance company and the client if my car doesn’t get fixed this week.

  17. I been trying to reach my adjuster,did not get her and accident happened more than three month did not get nothing.Very upset.

  18. My car window was shot out by a child with a BB gun.The accident happened August 30 2014 called in claim same day,adjuster came Sept.4 2014 window fixed September 5,Safelite sends me a bill.ACCC is by far the most unprofessional people i have ever dealt with.They talk so rude to you when you call.I pay my insurance but my business will be with Nationwide.

  19. My car window was shot out by a child with a BB gun.The accident happened August 30 2014 called in claim same day,adjuster came Sept.4 2014 window fixed September 10,Safelite sends me a bill.ACCC is by far the most unprofessional people i have ever dealt with.They talk so rude to you when you call.I pay my insurance but my business will be with Nationwide.

  20. This is probably the worst insurance I have ever dealt with in my life! I try to do my boyfriend a favor by calling them (we were in a motorcycle accident) and they were not able to get a hold of the person we needed to talk to. We were in the accident about a month ago and they STILL HAVE NOT got a hold of the policy holder! If they think they can get away by not paying/getting a hold of the policy holder, they thought wrong!

  21. The worse by far I have been waiting for check to pay the company that fixed window have not received it.The company calls my job and has tried getting in touch with accc.Still nothing.My insurance is paid and i have full coverage,so whats the problem.I see this company losing a lot of buisness

  22. Its sad when u can’t get any info or they haven’t received police report yet and I was the victim of a hit and run now no way of going, do the rite thing make it rite

  23. All the comments above correct assessment for this insurance company.

    I been trying get hold Jason Barden for 2 weeks now. And this company is totally unresponsive.

  24. Worst customer service ever.Matter of fact no customer service.I could not get a callback,results anything.Last call to adjustor the mailbox was full.Asked for the supervisor left yet another message.Ridiculous.My car is still not fixed.

  25. This company is horrible no feedback what so ever. If you have a claim with them GOOD LUCK!!! Worse insurance company ever. Its been 4 days and still no contact me. oh, and if you leave a message, they will not get back with you. Thanks for nothing.

  26. They would not give me a copy of the estimate without me providing information that they needed.

    Terrible company!! Set up rental, went to rental company and its not in the system been without a car for 2 days and they still can’t get it fixed.

  27. Wow, I thought it was only me. My truck got hit by one of their insured in July 2014. They sent me a letter denying the claim. I am looking for a physical address so that I can sue them in civil court. They are a terrible company and really should be ashamed of themselves for operating this way.

  28. I am a lienholder trying to verify insurance. Everyone else has a website or a way to print verification of insurance – this one – does not. Now, I have to call the customer, call the insurance agent…..not good.

  29. Ditto. My accident (I was rear-ended) by an ACCC policy holder. It’s now nearly 8 months later and I am no further along than I was 8 months ago. The hospital has sent records out twice–but ACCC claims they never got them…despite the hospital having a record of the fax transmission as “successful” and even the time it went through. Ditto other doctor’s claims. Also, they will NOT return emails, phone calls, calls from other insurance companies, etc. F RATING! My insurance company, Farmers, was right on it and I will probably have to claim now through “underinsured motorist” because ACCC won’t get their act together. One lady said “why would we lie to you?” Ahem…madame, you and your company has EVERY REASON to lie to me!”

  30. ACCC insurance insured one hit my car all most two months ago which she admitted her fault. however the company negligent to pay my claim so far. my case is still open and I’m surprising waiting what about they going to do. this company is not legitimate and represent people. they just suck insured money and not paying claims

  31. Jessica Byrd was rude to me when I asked her why to has taken over two months to reach a settlement. Before she abruptly hung up she said with an angry tone, “Have a good one!” I wish she could be nicer.


  33. this insurance is the worst i was hit by one of they client of accc the adjuster to the claim has failed to return any of my calls voice mails, to

  34. Beyond words. We still do not have our car. It has been in the shop for almost two months. The job has been completed for 3 weeks and the rental was returned 3 weeks ago. We do not have a car and waiting for the insurance to fix adjustment.. does anybody have suggestions.

  35. A customer of this company hit me from behind on Friday morning 12/5, and it is now Tuesday afternoon and I am yet to talk to a person about getting my vehicle repaired. Calling their 888 879 8363 is a “joke”. If you stay on hold, eventually you get this helpful comment, “I’m sorry your party is not available, call back”. Any information I have right now is because my GEICO agent helped me last Friday when I reported the accident.

    • they block your number after the first call, and you’re auto-routed into their VM system. Use Google Voice or Convoi app to use a different number every time, and you’ll get right through.

  36. I was hit july of 20104 by a lady that is insured with this company. I have been trying to contact this company and get this settled and its like pulling teeth to get someone on the phone. When I finally talked to the lady she said they can not get in contact with the lady who hit me and then said if they cant they will have to close the case. This company is a joke! How can you not contact someone who is your customer and pays a bill. If this is not settled I will be contacting my attorney and filling a suit against them and also no matter what will be contacting the insurance commissioner of Ga and the better business bureau!

  37. One of the top 3 worst companies I have ever dealt with. I work at a body shop and deal with all kinds but this company does not handle their business. I can not get anyone to call back, can’t get a claim closed out , and have submitted documents sever times, many different ways and no one ever seems to get them. I think it is sad that a company who is supposed to take care of people handles things this way and still has a business.

  38. An ACCC insured hit my parked vehicle 12.28.14, I have not been able to get hold of the adjuster Paul Amerson. I have left several VM. I am going to turn them into the Texas Department of Insurance.

  39. The worst company that I have ever dealt with! They stonewall everything and will not answer the phone or return phone calls and voice mails or e-mails! Ever!
    From what I see on the internet they are a private company that shares nothing about themselves or their executives.
    We were hit from behind while totally stopped in traffic. Their client was 100% at fault and received a traffic citation for the accident.
    That is over a month ago. As far as I can see my only recourse is to sue them, but in case you didn’t know this, when you do sue that is totally your expense and is not recoverable in the court. I’m sure they know this….but they don’t know me. Because if it cost me $10,000 to collect $21,000, I will do that just to make them realize that they can’t continue to do this to innocent people!!

  40. Same as everyone else– I was hit by one of their clients and they are friendly the first call or two but when it clearly was there accountability nothing!! I can only get ahold of voice mails…..calls never returned.

  41. Worst insurance company EVER!!! Very rude and not helpful at all!!! Appraisal was and more than the estimate!!! Totaled car and really wasn’t totaled!!! LASHAWNDA WALKER AND TORI MOORE very very rude I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone at all!!!

  42. I submitted a towing reimbursement about 3 weeks ago. The first time thst I faxed to a number that they gave me didn’t. Work the next time I faxed to another number. I have yey to hear anything from them. I have had this insurance for over 6 years and this is my first claim ever. So I wonder what is wrong.

  43. I am having the hardest time trying to get this claim going. I didn’t cause the accident yet i’m the one suffering I keep getting put off no answers no reply to voice mail no nothing.. maybe I need to hand this over to my Insurance company let them take care of this. It’s been seven days and no one has even looked at my car ugh

  44. OMG from the comments I’ve read it looks like my problem is going to be very ongoing. I was a victim of a hit and run but I did get the tag number and a police report but just like all the rest of the people above I haven’t received a response and I have left several voice mail. The sad part is I have just paid them six months in advance for premiums. If I don’t hear something soon I will be contacting the insurance commissioner.

  45. I truly agree with the statements above, these are a bunch of idiots, rude individuals that I have ever come in contact with. There policyholder hit us & left the scene, the police tracked them down base on the tag # then Marlethe Watkins the adjuster was the worst disrespectful individual I have ever s/w. The CSR svc reps Brandon & Brenda did not know what to say, only I can have someone call you back & hung up. WOW if this is CSR SVC i don’t want & would not have ACCC insurance for nothing I will deal with the big dogs….ALLSTATE, GEICO, & STATE Farm @ less they are respectful & enjoy helping people regardless of the situation, those folks I bet are very uneducated, so that’s what we all have to look at.

  46. If everyone above contact the insurance commissioner I do believe we can shut them down, this is plain ole ridiculous, everyone above is stating some type of disrepect , however you pay for what you get, I would not refer them to my dog if she was driving. Everyone can’t be saying the same thing OMG.

  47. If everyone above contact the insurance commissioner I do believe we can shut them down, this is plain ole ridiculous, everyone above is stating some type of disrepect , however you pay for what you get, I would not refer them to my dog if she was driving. Everyone is stating & saying the same thing & NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT…. OMG.

  48. I have been trying to reach the claims adjuster for over a week. My car really needs to be fixed or I need to be paid for it. One of your clients caused the accident and I have a claims number. I have never seen anything like this before.

    • I have left numerous message for Adjuster Christina Miller, and two weeks later, have heard NOTHING. I have recently contacted her Supervisor, Mr. Fields, to no avail. ACCC Insurance Co., low- balled body damage, and though the suspension was damaged when vehicle hit the curb, they have ignored this part of the claim. I attempted to get a physical address, in preparation for a Civil Lawsuit, and name of Registered Agent, and was told told they do not give out that information.

  49. I have been waiting on clam scents the 3/5/2015 and I Haven heard anything from the insurance company.I talked with a lawyer today and he’s going to send them a litter and we will go from there.They are real good about letting you know when your payment is due but not fixing your car.

  50. This is one of the worst insurance company that I have ever been with the adjuster are very rude you cannot get any one on the phone you leave message know one return your calls

  51. This is a terrible car caught a fire under the hood and the stupid adjuster came out to inspect my car but wrote it off as no oil in the car so i am getting my car fixed on my own so when mechanic pulled my motor he saw an oil leak caused the fire when it hit my metorfod…they are CrOoks!

  52. I am an attorney and my clients agreed to settle their claim against ACCC Insured over a month ago. Release of Claim was signed and return to ACCC, but almost a month later and still settlement checks have not been sent. Adjuster and supervisor never answers the phone and never returns calls.

    • Can’t you do something about this as an attorney? I would think so. Try getting the people with these complaints together file lawsuits with the Government, and clean them out the way they are cleaning innocent hardworking people out.

    • Going through same situation. Adjustor told me three weeks ago check was in the mailbox. Then last week she told me that supervisor denied my check payout. I’m doing complaint with DOI now.

  53. I was rear-ended on 4/3/2015 – the girl that hit me gave false insurance information to the police. Then when I tracked down her current insurance – ACCC Insurance. They are the worst company to deal with. Anthony Chaney is the claims adjuster – I have left message after message for them to call me back and no none does. This company is a fraud!!!!! report them to the BBB.

  54. It is more then one year I did not get my repair check, I guess the authority need to be investigate their business policy and stopped them to sell their insurance in the USA market and help the innocent people who their victim by their business policy. Please!

  55. I was struck by a car July 18, 2014. i am the victim. I didn’t commit a crime but I am the one that is suffering from this accident. It seem to me this insurance company is ripping people off. I had to gather all the information such medical records, billing, picture of the injuries. I have attempted to work with the adjuster resolve this claim. The adjuster is procrastinating. I think something needs to be done about ACCC Insurance Company. This is just ridiculous.

  56. Is this Company call ACCC “Drive with the eagle” an AMERICAN CO. ? they must be shame about all these comments.
    I was struck by a car.The owner carry this Insurance. We try to fix things in a good way. (In Mexico we fix things with money or with blood). I been calling the Insurance several times without any answer. My question is: Shall I look for the person that struck me?

  57. I had an ACCC customer hit my truck back in MARCH. I have received a total of 3 calls from the company and have left multiple messages. My truck was totaled. The first call I received, I was told that I would receive a 3 DAY voucher for a rental car. The only problem was, it was a rental company 90 miles away. I have been without a vehicle for 2 months, and have had very little contact with the company. It is very difficult to get ahold of anyone.

  58. I have called for three times and waited on the call for 2 hrs, No one attended the call. At last today a lady attended the call and I have given the policy number and talk about the problem, she said that she need to check the system and turned into again automated voice call from first. Its so so frustrating. The problem is I dint approve for auto renewal, but the amount was deducted and policy has been updated for the next tenure without getting any confirmation from my side. I have not given as Auto renewal. The customer service is worst I have ever seen. No response, When try to generate the new pin , got the message as call customer service. Again the chain goes goes goes on and on and on but we cannot reach any support person.

  59. This is the absolute worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve no idea how their customer service reps are trained, but they need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Far too many issues to even attempt to correct them. Everything about this carrier is WRONG!

  60. This is the worst insurance company ever in the history of the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  62. A client ran a stop sign and destroyed my car on 2 Mar. 2013. I have fought with Leslie Price and others at ACCC for this entire time trying to get a settlement on my lost car and as of today…, 3 June 2015, still can not get an answer. As the clients truck and my Camaro were towed to the same yard, they were both seen at the same time by the adjuster. Bad Service means no customers.These people have no clue. If they come through for me, I’ll change my train of thought here Rhiannon

  63. This insurance company is HORRIBLE! Everybody please go to TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE and file a complaint. ACCC will then have to respond as to why they have idiots working as claims adjusters, supervisors and staff, and why they have not met their responsibility of repairing vehicles their insureds wreck. Thanks. Good Luck.

  64. This insurance company is certainly the worst I have ever had. I filed a claim in March and I have yet to have the claim closed. It is more than horrible. I call in and leave message and no one ever returns the calls. I have one more insurance payment with this company, but I am sure I will be looking for another insurance agent. They just do not work in a timely manner and do not assure the customer satisfaction. I am beginning to wonder how do they get customers with so many bad comments. What amazed me that I am dealing with another claim that took place last week with another insurance company and this company has already settled the claim. This mess is ridiculous

  65. This company needs to loose it’s Business Licence!
    There is nothing name customer service with them. I was In accident with someone who has this company! That was Back in March 2015 we are now in JUNE!!!! I started the claim the day this thing happened. To this day I have only been able to reach someone on the phone Once every three weeks. They will not and I mean WILL NOT return your calls. Every time you luck up and get any person on the line they will not help you. They will tell you we can send there Supervisor an E-Mail But i’m sure that’s a E-mail that never go’s out. To this day I have Received (5) supervisor’s names and extensions that Rings and Voice Mails. You would think that ok I’ll leave a Message but it won’t get answered NO NO NO! that too much like right. I’ve seen the Generals commercials and this was not what he was talking about!!! This company needs a over haul everyone not will to pickup there phone and return calls MUST GO!!! Start at the top and Clean House. There are people out there that are more capable of providing Better Customer Service!!! Your Clients pay there monthly Bill so they can be covered. No one should have to call you and tell you they are going to SUE the Insured to get some type of service. If you are ever in a accident with someone who has this (Carp for a Insurance company) I hope and pray you have Patience and A-LOT of it!!!
    Hold on tight bend over and get ready to be Screwed with not Vaseline!!!! I’m so sick of this place that i am about to have my lawyer just go ahead and file the law suite!! They try your patients as much as possible hoping you will go away. (ACCC) is the Worst!!!! the (Better Business Beau) needs to do something about them. The way they run there Business to me it’s seems like scam where only the man at the top gets paid.

  66. The worst insurance company I have ever delt with. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. You call and stay on hold for 10-30 min and eventually they hang up. Not a company that needs to be collecting money from anyone.
    My rating from 1-10…, Oh I didn’t put the zero in there. It’s a zero for me.
    My counsel will probably end up with this one.

  67. It’s the worst experience I ever have with such company .it’s been over a month since I had my accident,and still haven’t even get a single response .my car still broken .no contact or anything.

  68. My accident happened may 17,2014.They did not even pay fix my van.How worst insurance company you are.I don’t know why it is not shut it down yet and all the comments are against them.

  69. My UNOCCUPIED car hit by their insured. Was able to only have contact one time by Anthony Chaney who said he had police report and everything looked fine and I would not have a problem with this claim. That’s been 6 weeks and now I cannot even get a courtesy return call. Called his Supervisor Christopher Fields three weeks ago and cannot get a return call from him. These are the most unprofessional people I have ever encounter. I have filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioners Office. Anthony Chaney and Christopher Fields I hope your proud of your self, your ethics and dedication to your job are surely lacking!

  70. Worst company ever! I’ve left several voicemails call bk! Anthony would not answere from my number, so I start blocking my number out! Now he won’t answers block calls! Smh! I have a lein on my van…they told them that the registration was enough for them to send me my check…now he’s saying we have to send the title! This month has been the worst month of my life! I was rear ended just trying to go to my mothers house! So I have no
    Transportation, I been out of work 22 days, now I’m bout to loose my job from lack of transportation. Smh! There has gotta be a better way!

  71. Oh yes. I agree with all those other comments about the bad service this ACCC ins. company provides….or I may say, dont. Its been more than a month since I place a claim. One individual hit my car twice the same day, trying to hurt me; i dont know this guy. Anyways, he is in jail. This ACCC couldnt even get the ins. company where this individual was insure!!!!! I ended up getting it MYSELF!!! I ask myself, why am I paying this government agency for????? Please, lets get this company out of the way, or do it work which we pay for!!!

  72. This company is very horrible. I had a car accident with one of their clients on 7-31-2015. I am currently 4 months pregnant when the accident happened. I was in the hospital for two days. I had an adjuster come out and look at my car and they said they would send me information about what they gonna do with my car. I still have not received anything in the mail or phone calls about my car or claim. This company should loose its business. Me and my fiancee almost lost our baby becuz of the accident.

  73. The BBB rates this “FLY BY NIGHT” company as an F! What more could be said? They need to be PROSECUTED! I don’t understand how they can continue to write policies for Trash People who couldn’t possibly get insurance through a reputable company like State Farm! Their insureds continually lie about accidents and get by with it! I recommend anyone who is involved in an accident with someone insured with ACCC to insist on the POLICE coming out, and tell them why, because they will deny you claim, even when there is video of their insured being at fault!

  74. My car was stolen on May 22, 2015 and recovered a month later at a wrecker company wrecked. The police found it and called it in as abandoned without running the tag number to see had it been stolen. ACCC has been investigating this claim for almost five months while I’m still paying car notes and them insurance on the car that I can’t drive. They haven’t even begun to try and fix my car. I have contacted a lawyer who is now establishing a case against the company. I have been calling ACCC for months trying to get information on my vehicle and I can’t get anyone to give me a straight answer. My attorney advise me not to try and contact them anymore; that he will be handling it from now own. It’s ridiculous what this fraudulent company has been doing to hard working people such as myself and taking advantage. I plan to sue them for payments I’m still making on my vehicle and insurance payments I am making to them while I don’t have possession of my car. I think this company is bogus and everyone of us should make them pay.

  75. I want to know why am I paying them insurance for a car that’s been wrecked for almost five months and haven’t been fixed BY THEM. LET’S MAKE THEM PAY. WE HAVE ALL THE AMMUNITION WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE. LET’S SUE THE PANTS OFF OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I had a wreck a week ago and they said that the damages were more than my claim and they also took off for damage that I didn’t even do to the car and they took more money out than they were suppose to do and they didn’t pay me anything and I owed the lienholder 1700$ and they are only payin him 800$ so I have to pay the rest on my own … I have full coverage insurance wit ACCC and they are not any good at all !!!

  77. Well I guess Im the lone wolf. I filed a claim against a insured ACC driver. He ran the stop sign and totaled my truck. I called on the 23 and filed claim. They called me to investigate on the 25th the adjuster was at my doorstep
    on the 26th. All my calls have been answered, the insured driver has also corroborated all facts. They have given me excellent service so far so just realize their is always 2 sides to every story.

  78. This insurance company is horrible!!…Someone damaged my car on 8/19/2015 and today is 9/7/2015 and still no payout from the company.. the assigned adjuster lied and said it us being processed clearly it wasn’t when I spoke with his supervisor …I will never do business with this company again

  79. You really don’t want to know what I think of this company. I’m going to tell you since you asked. I’m having to file a complaint with the insurance commissioner because it’s been six months since I had my car accident with one of your clients. ACCC as yet to get my car fixed. I’ve talked to the insurance adjuster maybe 3 or 4 times about my case in the beginning. I’ve even called supervisors and left messages and manager and left messages no one has returned my calls. This company should be put out of business and no longer to sell insurance to anyone. The guy ran the stop sign March 30th 2015 here it is September 16th 2015. Georgia State Patrol witness the whole thing he was sitting there waiting for people like your client to come along and not stop for that stop sign. We all need to get together and file a class action suit against ACCC insurance company.

  80. Your so-called insurance company is the pits as far as insurance claims are concerned. Your adjuster, Liza Mendoza, was called more than a dozen times by us, and several times by our insurance adjuster. She is always “away from her desk or on another line.” She has never returned a call for more than two weeks now! Our car was rear ended by one of ACCC’s drivers and my scooter lift was damaged beyond repair. I am a 71-year-old disabled veteran with a serious heart condition and need my scooter to go anywhere. I have been without a lift for more than a month now. Tomorrow I have to go to the VA Hospital in Nashville. That means that my wife must push me in a manual wheelchair. She had a heart attack a little more than a year ago and pushing me is a great effort for her not to mention dangeerous. I see commenter No. 87 suggested filing a class action suit against ACCC. Excellent Idea! I’ll join. You people are disgraceful!

    • Liza Mendoza is who they assigned me!I have called her and left messages.She has yet to return my call
      .I need my car fixed,due to an accident that WASNT my fault!

  81. A client of ACCC Insurance crashed me from behind about 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago and I have been trying to get a hold of the adjuster but like everyone else in these posts I don’t get an answer on the phone. You are right we should do something about this, like taking it to national television on the date night show or 20/20 on ABC or NBC so they can investigate this insurance company.

  82. Really the worst insurance company We have ever dealt with
    do not deal with this company , There client backed into me in parking lot 2 1/2 weeks ago and can not get any one to give a straight answer have gotten every excuse in book when you can get someone on the phone !!!! TERRIBLE COMPANY

  83. Get a lawyer. One of their insurers t boned me at the beginning of November. I am still in the rental that my lawyer got me. They would not return my calls so I lawyered up. Funny thing is that they hardly return his calls. I did my own research about the driver who hit me because Accc says they could not contact him. Turns out he is a registered sex offender. He does not have the best judgment. I took it upon myself to give them his correct address that was updated on the sex offender registry last year. Be patient. They want you to give up. If need be, get a lawyer. Even if it is minor because they will try to short change you. This is not a company that you should ever settle with. Lawyer up when dealing with Accc.

  84. Worst insurance company i never see my life,whoever authorized them to work in the USA they have to inquire on this matter please!


  86. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. My claim is 3 months old and I can not get their rep to actually return a call to me directly. I have asked for an email with their clients information so I can proceed with filing a lawsuit as the person driving the vehicle was unauthorized by the owner so ACCC says they will not pay the claim. The insurance regulators need to shut ACCC down due to their poor service!!

  87. it wasn’t so bad. I got my claim paid within 2 weeks, unlike another insurance company that took forever and at the end they denied it. if you read the reviews of all the insurance companies, when it comes to claims. it’s the same. adjusters don’t have the time to deny or pay claims. they just follow the rules on the policy and if they have to deny the claim, they deny it and move on with the other 200 claims each adjuster has.

  88. please don’t waste your time nor you money. Worest insurance ever. sometimes is better to spend more for something good not this joke. Customer service -1 out of 10

  89. this is the worst company I have ever worked with my accident happened on new years eve of 2015 on top of having to pay out of pocket for my medical bills and another vehicle they totaled my car took it from the wrecker service who towed it from the accident site they also now have the title to the car and we have nothing but the harassing phone call from the lein holder we have been bounced around 4 different adjusters now with still no payment for my vehicle worst company ever the next phone call they get will be from my attorney

  90. I got into an accident with a policy holder of ACCC Insurance in Septemeber of 2015. It is now almost March of 2016 and they have not resolved all of my claim. I thank God we had Geico and Geico paid for our collison claim up front; otherwise, I still think we would be waiting for our car to get fixed. We are now waiting for the Vehicle Depreciation claim that we filed in October. We honestly took a $2200 hit when we traded in our car. We were planning to trade this car in for a new one and had went to the dealership the week before the accident. After it was repaired, we went back to the dealership and they saw the accident on the carfax report and told us the trade in offer was $2200 less. We went to another dealership and were given the same story once the accident showed up on carfax. ACCC wanted to offer me $600 for the depreciation but that is a 1/4 of the loss we took for their policy holder hitting me (and then fleeing the scene of the accident…that was real fun, thank goodness for witnesses). When I admimately declined the offer and told them to re-calculate, I have now not heard from Gina Sosa in 3 weeks despite repeated phone calls. This company is horrible and cutrate. I am so grateful for having Geico I couldn’t imagine being a policy holder with ACCC insruance.

  91. We have accident with a policy holder of ACCC . That was almost 3 weeks ago .They was out taking pictures from the car and that was the last step . They can`t hold the other driver to ask what happened in the accident .The claim adjuster she said if they can`t hold the other driver who caused the accident and is there insured policy holder , after 30 days they closing the case and denied the report .I ask clearly so after a month if you can`t reach your policy holder is mean I don`t get paid to fix my car ?She said yes , this is there policy .I wish if they have more educated people for claim adjusting who know more about law .So far this company is ……………

  92. All I’ve got to say is this Gayle Hayes that works in claims is a total smart ass and someone needs to be speaking with her maybe her boss Chris Fields. She called me on my claim and was very rude. I do not want her calling my number back anymore. I will not be with this company long. This is to Mr fields. If u dont want to lose more customers get her out of claims. Sounded like she needs to be in a nursing home some where. This is not the way Insurance company’s are suppose to treat their customers. Shes very rude

  93. ACCC customer hit me. She backed into me. ACCC has been giving me the run around on my claim for 6 months now! This company sux!

  94. I just want to say that this has been the worst experience ever. My claim has been open since april of 2015 and it still has not been completed. My representative will never ever return and phone call and when he does he basically states that I am lying although the information all has been submitted to him. There are no other people that you can talk to in reference to your claim, and they have the worst customer service ever. I am going to have to push forward with an attorney which is something that didn’t have to be done. Everything that these people have asked me for has been given to them and I still cannot even get a return call. This is so ridiculous. Please do not ever ever use this company.

    • I need a lawyer as well do you know who I can call. Because I had damages up on March 2016 and they giving me the run around. I will be sueing them.

      • they have poor customer service and they add people on to you’r policy with out you knowing,and want answer they phone it just a bad company to deal with

  95. That’s so crazy how ever review from this company is bad some one should sue these company out of business ,I got hit and they took a month to just now pick up my car and I never got paid

  96. Someone backed into me and was at fault.They have ACCC for their insurance and so do I.I also have full coverage.I made a claim last Monday.They assigned me Aliza Mendoza.I have yet to speak to her.I have left numerous messages and she still hasnt called me back.

  97. Accc insured rear ended me June 2015, at a stop light they are the absolute worse, they didn’t want to get my car out the shop and pay the towing fee they underpaid me for my damages I had to end up adding money to the body shop to get my car release they didn’t answer the body shop calls for weeks, they don’t answer calls and they don’t want to pay my claims or medical bills I had to seek a lawyer they need to be shut down

  98. Hands down the WORST insurance company!! I was in a car wreck in December, it is now May and I still haven’t been issued payment!! Matter of fact they claimed to have lost my title so they can’t pay me!! This company is a joke! No one answers their phone and are quick to give you an attitude! ACCC IS A SCAM!

  99. Hey guys I am new to the ACCC conversation. Myself, wife and 2 boys were traveling May 15,2016 and someone with ACCC Insurance rear ended us. After no one called I had to call this company for 2 days. After leaving several messages no one called. I will keep posting the update on this review page as I get them.
    Stay Tune.

  100. Is there a physical address to which I can mail notarized statements, requested by this company? After reading the comments, I’m almost afraid they will lose what I send them to delay my payment. Thoughts?

  101. This is by far the worst insurance company that I’ve ever felt car was parked at my home and it was hit..the young lady came and told me what happened we called the police and filed a report..the adjuster Gail Hayes was and still is a very rude woman giving me the run around trying not to fix my car..I am searching for a lawyer because they are responsible for fixing my vehicle yet they are wasting time..but I assure you that not only will my car be fixed but you will now have to pay out more money for my attorney fees as well.I am livid! I should not have to suffer with my car being torn up by someone they insure and has admitted to being in the I’m now forced to take legal action… dont trust this company

  102. My vehicle was hit April 27, 2016 it is now June 1, 2016 and still no repair work has begun. This is a poor excuse for a insurance company. The claims process is not effective or efficient. I would not recommend this company to anyone…

  103. Had accident on 3/27/16, today is June 7, 2016 and I’m still trying to get somebody from ACCC to return my numerous calls to settle my claim. They settled the claim of the person I hit but won’t look after me, their customer. They want to total my car over an additional head light assembly extra to the original adjuster’s repair costs, pay off most of my car loan and take my car. I’ve had to pay repairs to my car so that I can go to work. I’ve offered to settle claim on the original adjuster’s figure but they won’t reply. Now submitting complaint to Texas Insurance Commission.

  104. Has anyone actually sued this company yet? I have been trying to get information on my car that is totaled out. I keep getting the run around and I am fed up. I am without a car and I have to work everyday and this is ridiculous. I have consulted with my lawyer and I am about to turn it fully over to him. Please let me know if you have sued this company yet. I need some feedback

  105. My car is being held hostage with Service King, because ACCC will not pay the Supplement in order for me to get my car. I think it is time to get a lawyer involved. I have a family emergency and need to leave and I need my vehicle in order to get there. I do not understand why companies do things like this to people. This company needs to do right by its people and not mess them over.

  106. I am very upset with this insurance company and I see I am not alone. I was hit back in April by a driver that also left the scene of the accident. She had no proof of insurance, a suspended license, and 2 DUIs. My insurance ACCC tried to pay me $869.00 (less my deductible of $500 for a total of $369) for over $3000 worth of damage. Well the other party’s insurance finally admitted fault and is now trying to pay ACCC Insurance. We have been unable to talk to anyone from ACCC but have had several conversations with the other party’s insurance. ACCC is dragging their feet because they do not want to release the $500 back to me. They were in an all fired hurry to take it but are not in a hurry to reimburse me. I have given them one week to contact me and let me know when I can receive my money or I am calling the State of Alabama Insurance Commissioner.

  107. All comments are true, accident happen Dec, 2014, had to block my num to get them to answer, my life could have been taken from this accident, they do not answer your calls, I was serious hurt from this accident, still dealing with it, I had to lawyer up, do not have the energy to deal with them.

  108. This place is a joke. Completely unprofessional and highly unreliable. Please do the world a favor and disappear. My vehicle was hit by someone with this insurance. Going on 3 months and still haven’t recieved my money. They refuse to give me a rental and are highly dismissive when they finally call you back. I can’t believe places like this are allowed to operate. Jessica Byrd needs to be canned. She is the worst. I hate this company. Nothing but a bunch of lazy crooks and lyers

  109. This company is run by the mob. You get into a wreck with their clients and they will total you out and send you an embarrassing check. Claims adjuster should not low ball people. I have no idea why progressive ins picked up my car from the tow yard when I thought I was dealing with accc. To talk to anyone on the phone is almost impossible. No services that they provide put your mind at ease and I feel conned and like after this life changing accident they pulled my pants down and you get the point.

  110. Don’t buy this ins for any reason they only work for themselves we all have to call the BBB and see how much they laugh then.Shut this crooked company down and it’s affiliates. Lawyer up.

  111. I am going to have to settle for 637.00 for my 2000 grandam gt. Please tell me where I am going to get into another one for that price. I was riding along in a vehicle that I loved and now I have nothing. I put over $3000.00 into my car in the year or so that I had it.It was running great and the AC was blowing a very pampered car. I am going to have to walk away from this accident literally and they get a valuable parts car.

  112. ‘Raul’ from Accc Insurance Co called and left his phone number, however, the only part of the number I could decipher was “316”. He didn’t leave a last name, nor from where he was calling, nor did he repeat the number. He said it very fast and the last seven numbers were dragged or slobbered out. I could not understand what he was saying. I played his message several times and even asked several other people in my office if they could understand what the number was. So if you could contact ‘Raul’ and tell him to call me again, only more slowly and distinctly, I’ll be glad to talk to him. Thank you for understanding this situation.

    Suzanne Donisi

  113. I was rather disturbed reading these reviews after I was hit by someone with this insurance.

    I will say though, fortunately, I have had a different experience in getting my car repaired. They were very quick to respond, send an adjustor, and send a check for repairs to my car. The actual repairs were a little more than the check they sent, but once the body shop contacted them, they quickly sent the rest of the payment.

    I have now completed treatment, and am trying to get in touch with the bodily injury representative. I’ve left two messages thus far…am waiting to hear back. Let’s just hope this goes as well as the property damage did. Fingers crossed….

  114. I was hit by a client of some poor soul that is insured by ACCC. It’s been a nightmare dealing with this insurance company. Since my accident this company has done nothing but give me the run around. My accident happened in July 15, 2016 and I have not received any compensation for my injuries. The reason is that they claim that my car wasn’t damaged enough to cause those injuries. However, I have the Doctor’s report and MRI, head scans and other x-rays that they believe I must have had these injuries before the accident. Which by the way they have claimed responsibility. Therefore sent me a check for $285.65 to get my car repaired. There was no pictures taken nor were there any written report. So, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten with these S.O.B. If there is anybody anyone out there that can advise me on this matter please sent it to me. I need all the help I can get to deal with these crooks. Thank you for taking the time to read my complain.

  115. I was hit from behind by a driver insured by Accc on 11/4/16. Initially I was going to file the claim directly through Accc until I talked to a lawyer who told me about how horrible Accc is about paying out claims and etc. and he advised me to file the claim with Geico and have them take care of everything and just pay my 500.00 deductible. And I can tell you that after reading these reviews I am so glad that I followed his advice. Geico has been freaking amazing!! They picked up my car and had it towed to the shop, reserved my rental for me, which I added to my coverage btw and I am so glad that I did and they are working on the bodily injury claim for me as well. The process has been seamless. Geico is the way to go. They are now working on getting my deductible back from Accc. But I have not had to deal with Accc at all. My car will be ready on the 25th and the shop has been really good about texting me and keeping in the loop on where they are with my car as far as repairing it goes. So if you are looking for insurance please go with Geico. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

  116. It has been more then two years,i did not get any money from the accc insured holder who hit my van from behind.I filled law sue against them.I talked to my lawyer and they are sending a letter to DMV suspend ACCC insurance holders driving licence finally.So please don’t buy insurance from ACCC,you will be victim like that driver.

  117. We have been over 90 days plus trying to get ACCC to respond for an accident of one of their clients. No emails, no phone calls, no return calls. Biggest scam I have ever seen and why the State does not shut these people down is beyond me after reading all of these comments.

  118. Worst company to deal with. My husband’s car was rear ended by a girl insured through this company in the beginning of November. It is now the end of January and I am still trying to have the claim fully resolved MONTHS later. Everyone in this company is argumentative, rude and condescending. They do not answer their phone, nor return voicemails. They also don’t seem to understand how an out of office voicemail works as every voicemail I have gotten has their vacations listed for the months prior. They can’t even be bothered with changing their voicemail when they do come back to work, much less actually return calls or answer their phone. It is a JOKE. Your client hit our car. She admitted fault at the scene because of her bald tires. Yet you have undercut all damages, fought and fought to not pay for the appropriate repairs, issued an appearance allowance to the body shop without even SPEAKING to my husband, fought to not reimburse the rental car we were charged for and the icing on the cake is when I ask to speak to your supervisor… YOU HANG UP ON ME like a teenager would. My husband’s BRAND NEW 2017 vehicle that we had for less than a year was wrecked by your client and you treat us like we are the scum of the earth. Learn to actually treat people with some decency and respect, which we haven’t received a smidgeon of from the adjuster from the beginning. My complaints won’t stop with social media, they will be on BBB and with the Insurance Commissioner.


    Since I did not receive a response from you, I contacted the cooperate office of ACC Insurance. I forward them the incorrect cancellation letter that you sent me which they verified was not a approved document. As a result they were able to provide me with proper, legal documentation which specifies correct information. Thank you for not providing me with proper customer service. For this exact reason I have decided to go with another insurance company and pay more money.

  120. I was driving at cook Rd around 8:30pm to 9:30pm and then Nancy hit me from back and damaged my brake light and she gave me her insurance card to call and make a claim I call Nancy insurance and then they told me they don’t have information for Nancy in a system then I try to find out from Nancy by calling her she didn’t pick up her phone .that was Oct 10,2018.her full name Nancy Perez Garcia .I just want Nancy insurance to fix my car that what I want

  121. Very alarming to see numerous negative comments against ACCC insurance company. If company is not willing to to cover accidents caused by their insured, then they should have some dignity; settle all claims fairly then dissolve the organization completely.

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