Aeromedevac Insurance Claim

Filing a Claim With Aeromedevac Insurance Provider

There is no need to file a claim with Aeromedevac. The conditions of coverage are not the same as most insurance companies. Instead, Aeromedevac provides a transportation service that can be billed to your health insurance company. According to Aeromedevac, it is best for new customers and policy holders to check with their health insurance company about reimbursement or claim rules and regulations regarding transportation from Mexico and other locations outside the United States as not all health insurance companies will cover Aeromedevac use in these cases.

If you’ve used Aeromedevac air ambulance services, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. In most cases if you provide Aeromedevac with your insurance claim information, they will file the claim. You will then need to check with your insurance company for the status of the claim process.

About an Aeromedevac Insurance Travel Plan

Aeromedevac is an emergency transportation service headquartered in San Diego, California. Emergency transportation services are provided for most emergency situations, but newborns in critical condition, high-risk pregnancy transportation and patients with cardiac-assist medical requirements will be referred to a specialty transportation team to better serve the patient’s needs.

Coverage Details

Aeromedevac offers air ambulance services to patients in the United States and Mexico with a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft. Coverage is available to individuals and commercial clients, such as event staff for sporting events.

  • Air Ambulance: A fleet of air ambulances are standing by at all times for emergency transport. Air ambulance services can also be used to transport patients for various types of medical treatment if commercial escort services are contraindicated.
  • Commercial Escort: A commercial escort from Aeromedevac will travel with a patient if the patient is in stable condition and can travel via commercial airline. Aeromedevac will plan all air transportation and ground transportation.

Where to Get a Quote: Aeromedevac Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (USA and Canada): 1-800-462-0911

By phone (Outside North America): 1-619-284-7910

By phone (Mexico): 001-800-832-5087

By email: Aeromedevac offers an online contact form if you need to contact customer service by email. The form can be found here

Official website:

Check on your claim status: Aeromedevac is happy to file a claim with your insurance company for services rendered. If you’d like to check the status of a claim, contact your insurance company using the number, email address or website listed on the back of your insurance card. You can also contact Aeromedevac at 1-800-462-0911.

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