Aetna Medicare Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Aetna Medicare Insurance Provider

If you need to make a claim, log in to your account here This is a secure website that allows policy holders to view current claims and past claims. You can also contact the claims department from your account.

Aetna Medicare insurance is available to people eligible for Medicare coverage. Policy holders must pay their Medicare Insurance premiums in addition to any additional premiums due Aetna for added insurance coverage.

About An Aetna Medicare Insurance Health Plan

When you set up your Aetna Medicare Insurance plan, you agree to pay any applicable premium. Some plans do not require a plan premium. Payments are made monthly or quarterly and can be paid via direct debit from your Social Security check, checking account or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by check or money order monthly. You can also make a payment using the automated line at 1-866-350-7644.

Coverage Details

Aetna Medicare Advantages Plans: This plan offers the same coverage as the classic Medicare plan, but Aetna adds wellness visits, vision coverage and hearing coverage, in some cases. If the policy holder chooses – prescription coverage can also be tacked onto the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans: Your Medicare insurance works as normal, but your Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan helps pay the co-pays and personal expenses not covered by Medicare. Works with Medicare Part A and B.
  • Aetna Medicare RX Plan: For Medicare policy holders who want prescription coverage for Medicare Part D medications.

For more information on Aetna Medicare Insurance plans visit

Where to Get a Quote: Aetna Medicare Insurance Contact Info & Login

The back of your Aetna Medicare Insurance card lists the best contact information. If you don’t have access to the card, use one of the following contact details.

By phone: There are various phone numbers to call for customer service. Choose the phone number based on the plan you currently have through Aetna Medicare. Agents are available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Aetna Medicare RX Plans: 1-877-238-6211

Aetna Medicare Plan HMO or PPO: 1-800-282-5366

Aetna Medicare Retiree Plan: 1-800-282-5366

TDD Aetna Medicare Individual: 1-888-760-4748

TDD Aetna Medicare Retiree: 1-800-628-3323

By email: To receive information on an Aetna Medicare plan email customer service here

Official website:

Check on your claim status: To check on how the claims process is progressing, contact Aetna Medicare at 1-800-529-5586 or log in to your account at

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  1. My grandmother had a life insurance policy with aetna, whom has since pass on.Her policy were in the state of Florida,in the name of cora lee Hudson and I am her granddaughter I were her guardiana and heir,my name is juanita wester mosely

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