AFLAC Insurance Claim

Aflac Claim

Filing The Claim with Aflac Provider

Visit to start the claims process. You will need to register for account access online or log in to your account to file your Aflac claim. Aflac uses SmartClaim to help policy holders access and file the proper claim forms the first time to speed up the process.

Aflac is a supplemental insurance company that helps the insured pay for bills associated with injury and illness. The insurance policies work independently of medical insurance and disability insurance covering cell phone bills, rent, food and other monthly expenses traditionally not covered during treatment and/or recovery.

About an Aflac Plan

Aflac plans are available to individuals and through employers. Insurance premiums are paid directly out of income (your paycheck) before you are paid so there is never a lapse in coverage. Individual plans are likely paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Coverage Details

Aflac offers detailed individual plans based on the type of coverage you need. All plans offer monetary support paid directly to the insured to use any way the insured desires. Coverage plans are available for:

  • Accident: Accident coverage is designed to make things easier after an accident, especially if major medical insurance does not cover all the patient’s needs. Accident coverage includes broken teeth, cuts, ER visits and concussions – among other accidents.
  • Cancer or other Specified Disease: Cancer coverage helps patients pay home bills like the mortgage and electric, but there is also coverage in place to help with travel expenses and lodging for cancer treatment and child care.
  • Critical Care: Critical care for stroke, coma, bypass surgery and organ transplant can be long and monetarily taxing. Aflac coverage helps ease the financial burden so patients can concentrate on the recovery process.
  • Dental: Dental insurance with no restrictions.
  • Hospital Intensive Care: Monetary support with progressive increases in benefits for patients with extended intensive care stays.
  • Life: Term and whole life insurance policies.
  • Lump Sum Cancer: Provides a lump sum cash benefit to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Where to Get a Quote: Aflac Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-800-992-3522

By phone (NY customer service): 1-800-366-3436

By phone (benefit services): 1-800-323-5391

By phone (claims): 1-800-992-3522

By email (customer service):

By email (NY customer service):

By email (benefit services):

By email (claims):

By mail:

Aflac Inc. 1932 Wynnton Rd. Columbus, GA 31999

Official website:

Check on your claim status: You can check on the status of your Aflac claim online at Simply log in to your account to check claim status. You can also call the claims department at 1-800-992-3522 to check claim status.

48 Comments on “AFLAC Insurance Claim
  1. This site sucks, trying to find an agent here in rapid city, south dakota. for help. was injuried, need my claim forms, its 6:44pm in east coast time and tried calling but it would not take my social secuity number. my policy number is pof42189. accident policy. my accident happened on 5-23-14 went to urgent care in rc. workman comp. on 5-23-14 HELP… why is my s.s.#not in the system? am i s.o.l. on my coverage i been paying my premium.

    • For the pass week and a half I been trying to find out the status of my claims and in the middle of the automotive message it would hang up. How could I get the information that I’m looking for

  2. I have had ridiculous turn around times with Aflac. I sent the requested information 4x between the hospital and myself and finally just gave up after 18 months. I am re-opening this claim 12/31/2011 and several others from 9/27/2012 to 5/2014. I submitted all of the origianl claim in April with the exception of the 5/2014 hospitalization and am still working with them for payment. I asked this time on the original call in April to please let me know what records are typically requested so I could get everythoing from the 2 hospitals at the same time and submit it all together. I sent everything I was told and still had to obtaoin additional info. They are now telling me I will have a 2 day wait time after sending the documents requested. I am sending them via fax today and we will wait and see. Personally, I am not very hopefull. We will be looking at alternative policies after we get all of these claims settled. I woulcd not recommend this insurance.

  3. Very bad experience with your site and also with your “answering machine” . Could not log in and no help was available beyond your machine that could NOT help at all.

  4. I never had a more difficult time with a web site then this one. it would not allow me to file a claim on there smart claim stating my policy was not effective at the time of the accident which it wsas. And would not allow me to down load form to mail in. and so on and on and on Such a hard site to deal with, I hope this is not what I have to look forward to dealing with the stsff itself Jerry

    • I have tried this site several times and always have difficulty. I put in all my information and check it before I submit it. I’m told they cannot find my policy even though I am putting in the right policy number. It’s not cancelled because it is being taken out of my payroll at work. That is not a problem for this company getting my premiums.

  5. My agent Ron Baker is the worst agent. Not receiving the correct paper work and agent not faxing my forms in to recieve my money. Don’t get him as an agent. Been out 2 months and only recieve 1 chk. Owe me for another month.

  6. Aflac was there when i needed them, got my check earlier than i exspected, and the staff was real polite and very helpful and explained everything to me that i didn’t understand

  7. I never had a more difficult time with a web site then this one. it would not allow me to file a claim on smart claim stating my policy and would not allow me to down load form to mail in.

  8. I had a hard time trying to file claim it keeps sending me back to the main page i spend more than an hour trying to figure it out and i could not do it .I am thinking in cancelling the services cause nobody is able to help me.

  9. This website is extremely difficult to navigate!!! Half if the time it won’t accept my password which by the way I’ve always had. I have tried to file a cancer claim all day. On my iPad, iPhone, and my computer so I’m reasonably sure it’s not due to a malfunction of one of my devices!!! This is very frustrating on top of everything else!!! Please help!!!!! Brenna C. Frankowski, retired teacher

  10. The Aflac website needs some serious work, simplicity is key to many people.
    I would like to keep it as simple as possible, if I need dental have an icon for dental hospital with hospital icon, cancer with cancer icon, and so on, then have an icon that says claim, under that specific need. I’ve been trying for an hour to get to the registration page to register my accounts so I can login, I tried this it sends me into another page not even related, no pun intended but I don’t like chasing after the duck, I want to get in and out.

  11. Tried to find out about my claim and that just was not happening. This site needs to be alot more user friendly,not all people are computer sauvy. Long store short I still dont know anything about my acc. claim

  12. This is the hardest thing I have ever tried to use. It still isn’t done. I had to call the Altoona office and I am waiting for a return call. I like dealing with my agent much better than this thing.

  13. Still cannot get in to website to file my claim. Have made several attempts to reset password and account but still no success. Finally had to call and have claim form sent to me. Website needs to be more user friendly.

  14. I have called repeatedly to no avail. I was told yesterday that someone would call me back within 15 minutes. I’m still waiting. The next time I see the duck on TV, I’m going to take out my own commercial to show how badly you treat your clients.

  15. We have triedgetting onto the sight numerous times without success. We have numerous claim forms and unable to submit them. This sight is awful. Aflac owes us money and we are not going to get it. We pay are premiums for nothing. Would not recommend this insurance to anyone. Service is lousy.

  16. They are giving me the run around an my Dad’s life insurance, one person they found it the net it did not exist. I am going to get an attorney and they will pay for it.

  17. Trying to log on to start a claim. I have to register, but when I click to register, it tells me cannot connect to secure site. Please help…I need to get this claim started. This is my first time ever trying to send a claim to Aflac!

  18. Second try to put In a wellness claim and says they do NOT recognize my SS# called today @ 9 am and said they would send me a new password. The girl on the phone said she would hold on till it came, I said it was ok, no need to hold her up. Well, 4 hrs. later still NO PASSWORD on my email. HORRIBLE system. Takes too long to talk to a REAL PERSON. Very discouraged.

  19. This is a very difficult web site. keeps coming up “PAGE NOT FOUND’ Need to make this much more simpler as I am trying to make a claim and not feeling well, so need something more simpler..No phone numbers to call..The DUCK IS A BIG LIAR.. You guys are full of false advertising as to the speed in which you pay. I have been a customer since 2005 and this is the first claim I have had to make..what a joke you are…

  20. This company will screw you. I have short term disability insurance through Aflac. I had a right hip replacement last January and was off work for 8 weeks. I was compensated for the time off. I talked to my agent about having to have the other hip replaced and he said I would have to return to work for 3 weeks before I could file another claim. I worked until the end of May. I had my 2nd surgery and 5 days later my femur fractured after my left hip replacement was done. I filed my claim and was only paid for 30 days even though I would be off work for 12 weeks. The company said it was a continuation of my first surgery even though it was 2 different hips. Even my Aflac agent was shocked and tried to fight this. The company keeps taking money out of my paychecks though. I am dropping them as soon as I get back to work.

  21. I have read everyones comments. I feel so sad because I have read all of your comments and they were so negative. I hope everyone was able to get their claims fixed. I am a mother of 8 and I have the accident hospital dental policy and they have paid out tremendously!!!!! I love my AFLAC and I appreciate all of the half from all of the agents. I have filed many smart claims and it process the same day. but it takes my bank 1 extra day before it will post in my account. AFLAC most certainly pays the next day as long as it is in before 2:00 pm. They keep their promise it just depends on whom you bank with when they deposit. WITH THIS BEING SAID THANK YOU AFLAC I WISH I COULD TAKE A PICTURE OF MY CLAIMS SO EVERYONE COULD SEE ITS ONE OF THE BEST COMPANYS IN THE USA!!!! U GUYS ROCK QUACK QUACK!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have never had a problem getting paid promptly on my accident policy or hospital policy as long as I submitted the correct information. However, the disability claim is another thing it takes 2 months after the disability before I can gather the information from the various people, employer, doctor, hospital etc. Then it takes another month or more to get paid. The payment is not all what I expected it is 1/3 of my wages? I will get a different disability plan for sure but will keep my accident policy, hospital they have been great! WISH I COULD GET ON THE WEBSITE HOWEVER HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR A WEEK!!! It happens all the time.

  23. I don’t have my policy number to register so I can check on my claim, but after reading all the above negative e-mails about your website, I’m very discouraged.

  24. Please send me update on my claim. Policy number POJ2J4S4. I Too read the negative comments. I have considers, and hope they are not true.

  25. I have tried to go into your webpage and all I get is your session is timed out!!! It then sends me back to the sign in page!! What now? I get the same old thing” your session is timed out”!! Give me a break. I didn’t even get a “session”

  26. I have been on hold for over 1 hour trying to obtain a claim form . is there another number I can call…this is horrible customer service

  27. After i read the people opinion its not promising ither
    I need dental insurance for implant 4 pieces its worker compenzation style becouse im a nHHA who work with a dementic patiens who hit my face , my bridge moved was taken out by a Dental surgen ! But now i need implant and i have no insurance
    That is why im trying Afloc insurance company

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