American Family Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With American Family Insurance Provider

You must submit your life insurance claim form to American Family through the customer service center. Online claim forms are not available for life insurance claims. Once you have reported the death of the policy holder, an agent will walk you through the process of proving the death. You will be required to submit the death certificate and other documentation. After the claim is reviewed and approved, you will be contacted again and the claim will be finalized.

About An American Family Insurance Life Plan

Payments are available via mail, online and automatic deduction from your bank account. You will be sent an email reminder 22 to 28 days before your payment is due.

If you need to contact an agent in your area – visit the Find an Agent page and enter your address. If you’ve recently moved, this page can help you get in contact with your new agent before you make the official change from one agent to the next.

Coverage Details

There are three available life insurance policies available from American Family Insurance.

  • Term Life: Offers set premiums for 10, 20 or 30 year terms. There is no cash value with a term life insurance plan with American Family Insurance. A term life plan offers only temporary protection.
  • Whole Life: With a whole life insurance policy, your premium will not increase for the life of the policy. Your policy also collects cash value over time. The cash value or death benefit may decrease if the policy holder borrows on the cash value.
  • Universal Life: The Universal Life policy by American Family Insurance offers a premium and death benefit that is flexible based on the needs of the policy holder. American Family will issue a Universal Life policy up to age 80, in some cases.

Where to Get a Quote: American Family Insurance Contact Info & Login

Contact an agent from American Family if you have questions or concerns about your policy.

By phone: Call 1-800-692-6326 to contact an agent about your life insurance policy or claim.

By mail:

American Family Insurance
6000 American Parkway
Madison, WI 53783

By chat: Visit the chat page to talk with an agent today at

Official website:

Check your American Family claim status: Once the claim process has begun, you can check the status of the claim by calling 1-800-692-6326.

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