American Fidelity Assurance Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With American Fidelity Assurance Provider

American Fidelity Assurance beneficiaries can file a claim by visiting The claimant will need a copy of the death certificate to file the claim. If the claimant is filing as an executor or administrator, a letter stating such privileges have been granted to the claimant will be necessary. Some American Fidelity Assurance customers were formerly insured by Mid Continent Life or currently insured by Life Division. These customers need to visit the claim link, choose the appropriate state and choose Other from the drop-down menu.

American Fidelity Assurance was founded in 1960 as an insurance company for the auto, education, health and municipal works across the United States. The company currently has more than one million customers in 23 countries and 49 states.

About An American Fidelity Assurance Plan

Some American Fidelity Assurance customers enroll in program through their employer, which allows for weekly, biweekly or monthly payments based on method of wage payment. Other insurance customers have individual plans that require payment be made directly to American Fidelity Assurance. Premiums must be current for your American Fidelity Assurance claim to be processed.

Coverage Details

As a customer of American Fidelity Assurance life insurance, you have access to the following plans.

  • Term Life Insurance: Available as 10, 20 or 30 year plans, the term life insurance offered by American Fidelity Assurance The rate you pay will be based on your age at the time you enrolled in the program. If you move from one job to another, you can take the American Fidelity Assurance term life insurance plan with you.
  • Permanent Life Insurance: Permanent life insurance is available for customers from inception to age 100. Claims are paid as a level payment upon death as long as premiums are paid on-time and in full. Some policies accumulate cash value over time.
  • International Life Insurance: Customers who need international life insurance can visit for more information.

Where to Get a Quote

Contact Information for American Fidelity Assurance

When contacting the American Fidelity Assurance claims department, you need to call the department for you’re the industry you work in.

By Phone:

  • Education Career Claims: 1-800-662-1113
  • Auto, Municipality, Health and Other Career Claims: 1-800-437-1011
  • International Claims: 1-866-416-8880

By Email:

By Mail:

Education Careers

American Fidelity Assurance CompanyATTN: Benefits – AFESP.O. Box 25160Oklahoma City, OK 73125


Auto, Municipality, Health Care and Other Careers

Attn: AWD DepartmentAmerican Fidelity Assurance CompanyP.O. Box 268898Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8898

Official Website: American Fidelity Assurance life insurance customers will find the official website at

Inquire About Your American Fidelity Assurance Claim Status: If you need to check your claim status for a life insurance claim filed with American Fidelity Assurance, you can log in to your account at or call the claims department at the number provided above.

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