American Home Shield Insurance Claim

American Home Shield Claim

Filing The Claim with American Home Shield Provider

If you need to file a claim for service with American Home Shield visit and click the Request Service button. You will be asked to describe the problem you are having and American Home Shield will contact you with the name of the contractor that will be visiting your home to diagnose the issue. The contractor will then contact American Home Shield to verify the damages are covered by your policy.

American Home Shield is a home insurance company that started business in 1971. Nearly 1.5 million customers in 49 of the 50 states have policies with American Home Shield. Other brands in the company’s family include TruGreen, ServiceMaster Clean and Terminix.

About an American Home Shield Plan

Payments for American Home Shield Plans are made on a monthly basis.

Coverage Details

American Home Shield offers several pre-written plans, including the Combo Plan, Systems Plan and Appliances, but customers can also build a personal plan that meets their home coverage and budget needs.

  • Combo Plan: Covers all the appliances and primary systems in the home. The combo plan is cheaper than purchasing the Systems Plan and Appliances Plan separately.
  • Systems Plan: Covers key systems in the home, including heating, air conditioning, electrical, water heaters and ceiling fans.
  • Appliances: Covers major appliances for repair or replacement.
  • Build Your Own Plan: Choose individual items to cover based on the systems and appliances in your home. Customers must select a minimum of 10 items covered by American Home Shield for a basic Build Your Own plan.
  • Add-Ons: American Home Shield also offers customers add-ons that can be combined with home insurance coverage. Add-ons are perfect for homes with pools, water softeners and septic plumbing.
  • Service Call Fees: There are three service call fees to choose from as of August 2013. $75, $100 and $125.

Where to Get a Quote: American Home Shield Contact Info & Login

By phone: 1-888-429-8247

By email:

By mail:

American Home Shield Plan Headquarters 860 Ridge Lake Blvd. Memphis, TN 38135


American Home Shield Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 849 Carroll, IA 51401


American Home Shield Attn: Invoice Payments P.O. Box 851 Memphis, TN 38101


American Home Shield Attn: Billing Department P.O. Box 2803 Memphis, TN 38101

Official website:

Check on your claim status: You can log in to your account at to check the status of your claim. Customer service can also talk with you about claim status at 1-800-776-4663.

14 Comments on “American Home Shield Insurance Claim
  1. For two months I have whething American shield to fix my A/C so far nothing have Ben accomplice. A I’m very desappointed with the service they not have the courtece to call back wit a answer. The heat have make my fam a my self sick.
    B Martinez

  2. I’m still waiting on some kind of reply or comment from American Home Shield regarding my furnace. Can’t even stay in my home because it’s too cold
    Thanks AHS.

  3. I had an emergency Sunday with sewer blockage tollit in half bath ran over flooded bathroom and out onto brand new carpet. I hadn’t even lived in house for 3 was yet. I called my HSA home warranty I got With house over and over could never get through this was an emergency and I didn’t have all day to wait as raw sewage was running all over my main level of house so I had to call roto rooter who was out here within half hour. It cost me $583to get sewer unclogged and they had to tear out drywall floor in entry bath and my new carpet. I’ve called numerous times everyday since Sunday & could never talk to anyone. Wed I put in a request for garbage disposal, bathtub stopper and doorbell repair automated lady said someone would call me from assurance plumbing within 24 hrs now over 48 hrs and still nothing. I think I should be re-emversed for my $583 I had to pay due to no fault of mine but yours. What are customers supposed to do in an emergency situation? This is a crappy way to do business. You either need to hire more phone operators or find a solution for emergencies. I would never recommend this home warranty to anyone.

  4. American Home Shield is a horrible company and I would never recommend them to anyone. The most horrible customer service I have ever experienced. The employees were the most unprofessional I have ever come across. I have asked for a supervisor to call me back three different times and never received a call back yet. American Home Shield is a grossly rip off company.

  5. Getting a customer service rep by phone is next to impossible…I still waiting for email to be able to forward washer purchase receipt information to get reimbursed for the replacement of my washer…After waiting for hours to answer,the rep still didn’t sent me email nor address to send my purchase receipt to. Also my account was charge twice for service she claim she made necessary adjustments but account doesnt show adjustment.

    Please help me asap

  6. Please don’t do business with this company. They will find every reason not to honor a claim or reduce their cost to zero. After waiting through two contractors and an outrageous quote on my cost for service AHS offered me cash. They offered me less than half of the repair cost ($440.00 for a $940.00 repair). This is after I paid the $125.00 service call fee. This was the fourth negative experience with AHS. They are absolutely a rip-off. It is very difficult to reach them after the initial call (even that isn’t easy) and the ‘peach of mind’ they promise is an illusion. You will be far better off to pay for the repair yourself. Using their contractors will only cost you more.

  7. i have been on the phone one hour and 30 min waiting for some one to answer the phone only to get hung on trying to fine out about the microwave replacement your customer service is got to be worst i ever seem it use not to be like this my heat went out the united is 30 year old but was told it was my fault that had service c0me out here in july to check it out he replace some on it because air conditioner was not working but now heat donot work i need answer

  8. AHS is the worst company. They are quick to ask for payment but not quick to reimburse. I called on a Friday late night for emergency assistance and no one was able to help. Finally on a Sunday, after hours of going back and forth, AHS approves an outside contractor (mine) vs theirs. I submit invoice for reimbursement and almost 3 weeks later still nothing. Site says 7-10 business days. This is ridiculous…currently on phone waiting for a manager to discuss status that no one can provide. Been waiting for a manager to get on call with me going on 49 mins. Ridiculously.

  9. Why aren’t there live people to talk to who speak AMERICAN? IM very disappointed in the lack of service you receive in South Carolina 29526. YOU ARE OVER PRICED!
    I lived in San Jose California as a REAL ESTATE AGENT and recommend you to all my clients. After each home I place

  10. Horrible service & will take your $$! Forever for a call back also you’re on hold forever. The phone reps are very rude 😒 my current situation is with my a/c!!! I have been waiting for my call back from supervisor now for two days!!! They sent some a/c company to fix my a/c and 8 months later the same thing is broken! Instead of of paying the bill they want us to pay again & it’s different a/c company. They sent the cheapest company out 1st who didn’t know anything and now the best who is super expensive! It wouldn’t be so bad if they had sent out the best 1st, 8 months ago.

  11. I called about 6 times in a few hours.. I had a big bubble of water waiting to burst and flood my bathroom and hall everywhere else. I was give the same plumber twice. They couldn’t come out until Wednesday. I couldn’t afford to wait that long. So we found someone local to come out and.
    take care of the problem. Emergencies happen all the time and there should be some provisions made for this.. In the course of all this, I was hung up on , it was as if someone picked up and hung up. I am very upset.

  12. Bottom line all these negative reviews are 100 percent true. This company is trash. Had broken fridge, took them over 3 weeks and tons of delays and BS to get it fixed. When the contractor finally did come to fix it with the correct part, it took him about 5 minutes to fix it. So I had to suffer and do without a fridge for over 3 weeks, yet it took repair guy 5 minutes to fix the problem. 5 minutes folks, 5 minutes. Enough said can’t wait to cancel my contract.

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