Arch Insurance Company Insurance Claim

Arch Insurance Company Claim

Filing The Claim with Arch Insurance Company Provider

Customers have two options when reporting a claim to Arch Insurance. If you are a customer in the United States call 1-877-688-2724. If you are a customer in Canada call 1-866-993-9978. For more information on claims check out

Arch Insurance is a New York-based company offering casualty, property and specialty insurance policies for businesses, including financial, professional and corporate businesses. There are various insurance companies working under the Arch Group umbrella, including Arch Insurance, Arch Excess and Surplus and Arch Specialty.

About a Arch Insurance Company Plan

With so many insurance policies and individual insurance businesses working under the Arch Insurance name, your premium options will depend heavily on the type of insurance you hold with the company. You can contact your agent for detailed premium information or to change your premium payment plan. Most insurance companies offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments.

Coverage Details

Arch Insurance offers a wide range of insurance policies for individual and professional customers.

  • Accident and Health: Personal accident, corporate travel, disability, health, medical stop loss and builder’s risk.
  • Excess and Surplus Casualty: Energy, construction, specialty and railroad markets.
  • Design and Environmental: Design professionals and environmental liability.
  • Energy: Excess worker’s compensation, executive assurance, financial services, enhanced liability and alternative asset protection.
  • Property: Excess and surplus property, global property, surety and travel.

Where to Get a Quote: Arch Insurance Company Contact Info & Login

By phone (US claims): 1-877-688-2724

By phone (US claims fax): 1-866-266-3630

By phone (Canada claims): 1-866-993-9978

By phone (Canada fax): 1-866-993-9981

By phone (Canada fax2): 1-416-309-8150

By phone (Arch Group main office): 1-212-651-6500

By phone (Arch Group operations): 1-201-743-4000

By phone (NE Region): 1-212-271-8320

By phone (SE Region): 1-404-682-3870

By phone (Central Region): 1-312-601-8410

By phone (W Region): 1-213-283-3559

By email (contact form):

By email (NE Region):

By email (SE Region):

By email (Central Region):

By email (W Region):

By mail: Choose one of the five addresses for Arch Insurance to contact the company by mail.

Arch Insurance Group 1 Liberty Plaza 53rd Fl. New York, NY 10006


Arch Insurance Group Attn: Operations Center 300 Plaza 3 Jersey City, NJ 07311


Arch Insurance (SE Region) 1125 Sanctuary Pkwy Ste. 200 Alpharetta, GA 30009


Arch Insurance (Central Region) 311 South Wacker Dr. Ste. 3700 Chicago, IL 60606


Arch Insurance (W Region) 865 S. Figueroa St. Ste. 2700 Los Angeles, CA 90017

Official website: Visit to find the official Arch Insurance Company website.

Check on your claim status: To check on the status of your Arch Insurance claim call 1-877-688-2724 in the United States or 1-866-993-9978 in Canada. You can also choose to email the claims department in the US at or in Canada at

5 Comments on “Arch Insurance Company Insurance Claim
  1. I need to check the status off my claim on line…..there’s no way to do it….Phones doesn’t answer. I bought this insurance because my travel agent from Affordable Tours recommended it. It’s been 2 weeks since I filed and no news or way to find out the status of my claim. With others companies you get your money on your checking account in one week.

  2. Bought trip insurance and was denied coverage for a medical reason. The claim was not allowed due to the Pandemic going on in Italy. My medical excuse was a valid request for coverage as I was hospitalized for 17days and was advised by my doctor to cancel my trip with GateOne 6 weeks before departure date. The trip never took place. Why was there no return of premium?

  3. I am still trying to get a claim filed which was made over 1 year ago. It was denied once then I was told that it would be paid because you had everything needed including a note from my Dr.
    The next call I was told that I had to start all over. This is nothing but a ploy to drag this out so you will eventually get out of paying it.
    I retired with an Insurance Company so I am aware of how things are handled. . If I do not hear from you about this I will be speaking with your Insurance Commissioner.

    Elsie Cole
    Claim number: TVLC55563819
    Member I D: TVL 212669019

  4. I gave the incorrect amount on my claims form just now….linstead of $2,330.66….my reimbursement should be $2,829.66. thank you. carol armstrong #TVLC85989820

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