AXA Equitable Life Insurance Claim

How to File A Claim With AXA Equitable Life Insurance

Filing The Claim With AXA Equitable Life Insurance Provider

AXA Equitable Life Insurance customers can file a claim by mail or fax. Detailed information about the documents needed can be found at All documents should be mailed to the address provided or faxed to 1-704-540-2203.

AXA Equitable Life Insurance, formerly known as The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, has been in operation since 1859. The company headquarters is located in New York, NY. The company is responsible for more than $480 million in assets as of 2011.

About An AXA Equitable Life Insurance Plan

We could find no detailed information about payment policies regarding AXA Equitable Life Insurance plans. There are multiple plan types and likely monthly, quarterly and yearly payment options.

Coverage Details

  • Term Life Insurance: A term policy protects the covered for a set term, typically one to 30 years or longer. The policy is renewable, in most cases, at the end of the term, though premiums may increase with age. Level term policies protect the yearly premium from increase for up to 40 years. Policy length is often determined by the applicant’s age.
  • Declining Balance Term Life Insurance: Typically used as mortgage insurance, declining balance term life insurance maintains a consistent premium, but benefits decline with each passing year. When the term expires the policy cancels unless the insured chooses to renew the policy.
  • Return of Premium Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance that pays the insured all premiums if they outlive the life of the policy.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Life insurance policy providing permanent protection and level premium payments with cash value accumulation. Policy holders can borrow up to 90% of the cash value of the policy, but the loan comes with interest and reduced death benefits.
  • Universal Life Insurance: Flexible life insurance policies with varying face values and premiums. Annual statements are provided to policy holders describing total cash value and fees.
  • Variable Life Insurance: Policy holders pay fixed premiums and retain control over where the premiums are invested. The total coverage of the policy may rise and fall with the market based on where money is invested.
  • Universal Variable Life Insurance: A combination of variable life and universal life insurance.

Where to Get a Quote

Contact Information for AXA Equitable Life Insurance

By Phone: For more information customers can call 1-800-777-6510.

By Email: Send your email with general questions to or

By Mail: General communication regarding life insurance policies and coverage can be sent to:

AXA EquitableP.O. Box 1047Charlotte, NC 28201-1047

Official Website:

Inquire About Your AXA Equitable Life Insurance Claim Status: You can check on your claim status using the online account access provided by AXA Equitable Life Insurance at If you do not currently have online account access, you can register for access for call customer service at 1-800-777-6510 for assistance.

3 Comments on “AXA Equitable Life Insurance Claim
  1. I have a policy application for an insurance policy that purchased for me by my parents in in Feb. 1949 from The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of the United States. The Policy number is 2 -23 2830. Is this policy still in force?

  2. My father purchased policy number 12,204,700 on July 2, 1946. He has passed away. Please tell us what we need to do to receive the benefits.
    Thank you,
    Susan Edy for Carolyn Pym Forbush (his wife, my mother)

  3. I have a policy that was purchase in June of 1972. My husbanc passed in December of 2013. Can you tell me how to get in contact with someone about this policy.

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