Bankers Life And Casualty Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With Bankers Life and Casualty Provider

Bankers Life and Casualty policy holders can access claim forms online at The claim forms must be mailed to the address provided on the forms. Questions about life insurance claims can be addressed by the customer service department at 1-800-283-8011.

Bankers Life and Casualty has been insuring customers for more than 100 years. In addition to life insurance, the company provides health and annuities to customers. The focus of the company is to help policy holders achieve financial security and protection.

About A Bankers Life and Casualty Plan

Absolutely no information about payment of premiums is listed on the Bankers Life and Casualty website. Customers must contact their agent or the customer service department for more information on premium payment schedules.

Coverage Details

Bankers Life and Casualty offers four basic types of life insurance – term, permanent, whole life and universal. There are various policies available that fit within these four basic policy types.

  • Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance policies provide coverage for a pre-set length of time – typically from one to 10 years. When the term expires, coverage also expires unless the policy holder chooses to renew the policy. Under the umbrella of term life insurance are:
  • Decreasing Term: Coverage decreases with the life of the policy.
  • Credit Life: Decreasing life based with coverage based on total amount of debt owed when the policy was initiated.
  • Increasing Term: Protection with coverage that increases to meet inflation over the length of the term.
  • Permanent Life Insurance: Policy purchased for a lifetime rather than a set length of time or term. Part of the premium pays for the life insurance coverage the remaining money is invested in the cash value of the policy. The policyholder has the ability to borrow on the cash value of the policy as a loan.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Life insurance policy that requires continuous payments for life or until the insured reaches 100 years of age. Cash value increases with each passing year.
  • Universal Life Insurance: Permanent life insurance policy with adjustable benefits, premiums and values.
  • Variable Life Insurance: Insurance policy with a cash value determined by the current value of investments made.
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance: The policy combines the variable nature of the variable life insurance policy and the flexible nature of the universal policy into one life insurance plan.

Where to Get a Quote

Contact Information for Bankers Life and Casualty

For general information on Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance plans, contact the customer service department.

By Phone: Call 1-800-231-9150 for general questions or to find an agent near you.

By Email: You can request a call back from an agent at or submit a question at

By Mail: All general mail correspondence should be addressed to:

Bankers Life and Casualty Company111 E. Wacker Dr.Ste. 2100Chicago, IL 60601-4508

Official Website:

Inquire About Your Bankers Life and Casualty Claim Status: Policy holders or beneficiaries can check the status of a claim by calling 1-800-283-8011.

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