Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance Provider

If you need to start the claims process for your Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement plan, download and print out the claim form here Send the completed claim form to:

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
PO Box 1935
Carmel, IN 46082-1935

You can also call the claims department at 1-800-800-2254. All Medicare Supplement claims are processed through Colonial Penn Life because Colonial underwrites and issues all Medicare Supplement policies from Bankers Life and Casualty.

For all other claims outside of the Medicare Supplement policy, contact the claims department at 1-800-773-4760

About A Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance Health Plan

All payment details for your Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance plan will be discussed before you sign the final policy paperwork. There is no mention of payment details on the Bankers Life website, and there’s no means of logging in to your account online. You must contact the customer service department for more information on payments at 1-800-654-3072.

Coverage Details

  • Medicare Supplement: The Medicare Supplement plan is there to help Medicare recipients afford the care they need. For Bankers Life and Casualty, the plan is underwritten by Colonial Penn Life Insurance. Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare plan details can be discussed with an agent in your state. Call 1-800-800-2254 to locate a local agent.
  • Medicare Advantage: Also referred to as Medicare Plan C, the Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Advantage Plan works in lieu of Medicare coverage. The plan must cover everything Medicare covers, aside from hospice care, but the details of coverage may be different. It is extremely important to Read all detailed information on the plan before signing up. Learn more about Medicare Advantage Part C here
  • Medicare Prescription Plan: Bankers Life and Casualty does not offer Medicare Prescription coverage directly, but they do offer coverage through a plan designed by Coventry Health Care. Details of the prescription coverage plan differ by state. You can download your coverage details here

Where to Get a Quote: Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance Contact Info & Login

Contact information for the Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare Insurance includes phone, email and mail.

By phone: Depending on the reason for your call, contact the Bankers Life and Casualty Medicare department designed to handle your call.

Health inquiries (non-claim questions): 1-800-654-3072

Health inquiries (claim questions): 1-800-773-4760

By email: Fill out the contact form at to contact customer service about your Medicare insurance policy.

By mail:

Bankers Life and Casualty
600 West Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60654-2800

Official website:

Check on your claim status: Call 1-800-773-4760 with all claims questions. If you were given a claim number, have that number handy when calling.

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