Centene Corporation Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With Centene Corporation Provider

Centene Corporation is the owner of various health insurance plans and providers. Customers never file claims directly to Centene Corporation. Rather, claims are filed with the company issuing the health insurance policy. Centene Corporation offers health insurance coverage via 19 companies. To make filing your claim easier, call the customer service department for your health insurance company to file a claim.

  • Absolute Total Care: 1-866-433-6041
  • Bridgeway Health Solutions: 1-866-516-7224
  • Buckeye Community Health: 1-866-246-4356
  • California Health and Wellness: 1-877-658-0305
  • CetiCare Health Plan: 1-866-895-1786
  • Coordinated Care: 1-877-644-4613
  • Granite State: 1-866-769-3085
  • Home State: 1-855-694-4663
  • IlliniCare Health Plan: 1-866-329-4701
  • Kentucky Spirit Health: 1-866-643-3153
  • Louisiana Healthcare Connections: 1-866-595-8133
  • Magnolia Health Plan: 1-866-912-6285
  • Managed Health Services Indiana: 1-877-647-4848
  • Managed Health Services Wisconsin: 1-888-716-6180
  • NovaSys Health: 1-800-294-3557
  • Peach State Health Plan: 1-866-874-0633
  • Sunflower State: 1-877-644-4623
  • Sunshine State Health Plan: 1-866-796-0530
  • Superior Health Plan: 1-800-783-5386 (CHIP), 1-800-820-5685 (CHIP RSA), 1-877-644-4494 (Medicaid RSA), 1-866-516-4501 (Medicare Advantage), 1-800-783-5386 (STAR), 1-866-912-6283 (STAR Health Foster Care), 1-866-516-4501 (STAR+PLUS)

About A Centene Corporation Plan

Centene Corporation plans different by state. Contact your local providing company for more information on billing and payment of premiums. In some cases insurance plans provided by Centene Corporation are paid for by government funds.

Coverage Details

Centene Corporation provides government-funded and private health insurance policies. Coverage will differ based on plan chosen and state guidelines. Some plans offered by the company include:

    • CHIP:

Children’s health insurance – government funded.

    • Medicaid:

Child and adult health insurance – government funded.

    • Well Care:

Pediatric well visits allow doctors to track growth, health and vaccinations.

    • Preventative Care:

Diagnostic care designed to maintain overall health and wellness.

    • Emergency Care:

Health care for emergency situations and accidents.

Where to Get a Quote

Contact Information for Centene Corporation

By Phone: You can contact Centene Corporation at 1-314-725-4477.

By Email: There is no email address for specific health insurance plans. You can contact the Centene Corporation human resources department at hr@centene.com.

By Mail:

Centene CorporationCentene Plaza7700 Forsyth Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105

Official Website: Visit http://www.centene.com for the official website.

Inquire About Your Centene Corporation Claim Status: To check the status of your Centene Corporation health insurance claim call the number for your health insurance provider listed above. Centene Corporation does not directly file claims, pay claims or provide health insurance coverage of any kind. All health insurance claims are processed through subsidiaries.

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