Conseco Medicare Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Conseco Medicare Insurance Provider

If you have a Medicare insurance policy with one of the companies under the Conseco Financial, you need to contact the claims department for that insurance company. The following phone numbers are listed for customer service regarding filing and checking on the claims process for each insurance group in the Conseco family.

Bankers Life and Casualty: 1-800-621-3724

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company: 1-877-877-8052

Washington National Insurance Company: 1-800-525-7662

Customers in New York: 1-877-891-0915

If you have Washington National Insurance or Conseco Life Insurance, you can log in at to download claims forms.

About A Conseco Medicare Insurance Health Plan

Payments, changes to your account and other account related actions are discussed on the individual websites for the company you purchased your Medicare insurance policy through. Check the official websites listed below for a link to all Conseco Insurance companies.

Coverage Details

Coverage under Medicare policies will differ by company. What Medicare policy holders can expect is one of three possible policies: Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantages and Medicare Prescription. Some plans are available at no additional cost (over the current cost of Medicare) and others require paying an additional premium for added coverage.

  • Medicare Supplement: Helps pay co-payments and out of pocket expenses for Medicare A and Medicare B policy holders.
  • Medicare Advantage: Takes the place of your current Medicare policy. This type of policy is approved by Medicare and requires you to pay your Medicare premium directly via the Medicare program, but detailed coverage specifics are outlined during the underwriting process.
  • Medicare Prescription: Gives some Medicare policy holders additional prescription coverage.

A few additional questions about Conseco Medicare insurance policies are answered in the FAQs section of the Conseco Financial website here

Where to Get a Quote: Conseco Medicare Insurance Contact Info & Login

Choose the contact information from the list below that applies to your Conseco Medicare insurance policy.

Official websites: Below are the official websites for all companies offering insurance coverage via the Conseco Financial Group.

Bankers Life and Casualty:

Colonial Penn:

Bankers Conseco:

Washington National:

Conseco Financial:

Check on your claim status: If you have a policy with Washington National Insurance or Conseco Life you can log in to view the status of your claim at All other companies offer different claims status procedures. Contact your company using the phone number on the back of your Medicare insurance card or use one of the phone numbers listed above.

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