Encore Dental Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Encore Dental Insurance Provider

Encore Dental Insurance customers must download the dental claim form from http://www.encoredentalplan.com/claim_info.aspx to start the claims process. The claim form is detailed and requires information typically only available to the dentist performing the procedure. Your dental staff may be able to assist you when filling out the form.

Encore Dental Insurance is a Transamerica company. The company claims to provide insurance policies for more than three million customers. There is not list of specific states where insurance is provided. There is likely at least once insurance product available in each state.

About an Encore Dental Insurance Plan

Your Encore Dental Insurance payment is made directly to the company. There is no mention of working with employers to support payroll deductions. Payments are typically made monthly, though policy holders may have the option of paying in quarterly or semi-annual payments.

Coverage Details

Encore Dental Insurance offers three dental plans – Standard A, Standard B and 1-2-3 Insurance. The standard insurance plans require a one year waiting period for major dental work. The 1-2-3 plan is for immediate, emergency care.

  • Standard A: Provides 100% coverage for preventative and diagnostic care and 50% of minor dental work in the first year if the insured uses an in-network doctor. After the first year, major dental is covered at 50%. Maximum yearly benefit of $1,000.
  • Standard B: Provides 50% of preventative, diagnostic and minor dental work in the first year if the insured uses an in-network doctor. After the first year a 50% coverage benefit for major dental work kicks in. Maximum yearly benefit of $850.
  • 1-2-3 Insurance: Increasing medical benefit coverage for the first three years. Preventative and diagnostic care is offered at 100% with use of an in-network doctor from the start. In year 1, 20% coverage for minor dental work and 15% coverage for major dental work is covered. By year 2, 40% of minor dental work and 30% of major dental work is covered. From year 3 on, 80% of minor dental work and 50% of major dental work is covered. Maximum benefit in year 1 is $500, year 2 is $750 and year 3 is $1,250.

Where to Get a Quote: Encore Dental Insurance Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Encore Dental Insurance

By phone (sales): 1-800-758-2958

By phone (customer service): 1-800-527-8702

By phone (claims): 1-866-605-2642

By email: No email address for contact form is listed.

By mail (mailing address):

Encore Dental
c/o Stonebridge Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 869092
Plano, TX 75086

By mail (administration):

Encore Dental
2700 W. Plano Pkwy
Plano, TX 75075

Official website: http://www.encoredentalplan.com

Inquire about your Encore Dental Insurance claim status: If you need to check the status of your Encore Dental Insurance claim call 1-866-605-2642 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday to Friday CST.

2 Comments on “Encore Dental Insurance Claim
  1. GM, my name is Al Dunne #2A56P0088 and Dental Professional
    Associates, LLC made a request for payment on a crown for me and
    they will not start the work until they receive payment Encore.
    The request for payment was made on or around 9-15-20. I am in pain and I need dental care A.S.A.P. What is the status of the
    claim? Please contact Dental Professional Associates A.S.A.P. ask to speak to Katrina (202)854-7102 fax (202)635-7145 to get this matter resolved so I can get the dental care I need.

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