Erie Insurance Claim

How to File A Claim With Erie

Filing The Claim With Erie Provider

Policyholders of Erie Auto Insurance have the ability to file a claim by visiting the official website or visiting the claims website here Claims are submitted through the online form on the website or sent through the mail.

Erie insurance started in a small town in Pennsylvania in the mid 1920’s as a provider of life insurance, business insurance, home insurance and automobile insurance. The company grew into one of the leading regional insurance providers in the Mid-Atlantic. Erie offers products and services to millions of customers in approximately 11 states, as well as the Washington D.C.

About A Erie Plan

As a policyholder of Erie Auto Insurance, you are billed on a monthly basis. If you contact the customer service department, you can adjust your billing cycle to a bi-monthly bill payment, as well as a quarterly or yearly bill payment.

Coverage Details

Policyholders of Erie Auto Insurance have the ability to choose from one of the following products:

  • Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This type of coverage pays for damage to your vehicle in the event the other motorist does not have the required amount of insurance per state guidelines. Check with your Erie Auto Insurance agent for the exact coverage needed for your state.
  • Comprehensive: This type of coverage covers damage to your vehicle not associated with an accident. Typical causes of damage include theft, vandalism, fire and acts of nature.
  • Collision: This type of coverage assists with insurance payments in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident or rolls in the process of an accident, regardless of fault.
  • Property Damage Liability: In the event you are involved in an accident and cause property damage, this type of coverage assists with the insurance payments.
  • Medical Payments: In the event you or your passenger is injured in an accident, this type of coverage assists with medical costs. Depending on your state of residence, you may incur a deductible.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: This type of insurance covers court costs and legal fees associated with an accident in which the other motorist is injured.

Where to Get a Quote: Erie Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Erie

By Phone: Call Erie customer service at 1-800-458-0811 or 1-800-367-3743

By Email: General messages to the customer service department or the claims department can be directed to

By Mail: Send messages to the customer service department or the claims department to the following location:

Erie Insurance Group100 Erie Insurance PlaceErie, PA 16530-1104

Official Website:

Inquire About Your Erie Claim Status: As a policyholder, you have the ability to check your claim by visiting the official claims website here or signing into your Erie Auto insurance account.

4 Comments on “Erie Insurance Claim
  1. Hello. It has been almost a week since someone named June @ Erie told me that an appraiser would be getting ahold of me to appraise my car’s value (1991 Toyota Celica GT) and that l would then be issued a check to cover the damages. The other party is your insured and admitted fault to me and is my next-door neighbor

  2. Very poor service. Agent left message to contact her, tried number given and got nothing but recordings for choices that did not match my situation. Two days later I got letter to contact Erie about a loss on 6/6/2016. Called the number on the letter, msg advised she would be out Monday and Tuesday, no other alternative offered. I waited until Weds and called twice morning and afternoon leaving messages to Cathy Hardy who had called me and sent the letter. Tried to call again today at national number and they transferred me back to Cathy Hardy’s answering machine in Raleigh NC. Still have heard nothing. The person who hit me is insured by Allstate which has already issued a check and rental car to me since my car is being worked on. Not really sure, I am not in the know if the guy who was at fault has called my insurance Erie) and filed a claim against my insurance. Have no idea what is going on at Erie, yet I am a policy holder and have not filed an auto claim since other guy is at fault. Had Erie for years and no claim as yet by me

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