Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Claim

How to File A Claim With Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Filing The Claim With Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Provider

Policyholders of Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company can follow the process of filing a claim visiting the USAA website When you submit a claim, you can do so by entering your information on the website or submitting your information through the mail.

Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company is a subsidiary of USAA insurance, one of the leading insurance companies offering insurance products to military personnel. The company specializes in boat insurance, home insurance and auto insurance. Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company, founded in 2000, handles high-risk customers. Although Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company is a part of USAA, the company wants to remain committed to the customer by offering exceptional products and services.

About A Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Plan

Policyholders can pay their insurance premiums on a quarterly basis or on a year basis. Check with your agent for additional information relating to payments.

Coverage Details

Policyholders have the opportunity to choose from one of the following insurance products:

Property Insurance: This type of insurance applies to all real property, including your home, vehicle and possessions. Depending on your policy, you may need to pay a deductible. You will need to speak directly with your Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company agent to ensure you have the proper amount of coverage for your state.

Casualty Insurance: This type of insurance is equivalent to liability insurance for vehicles. The insurance covers damage in the event you are a fault. Casualty insurance also covers damage out of your control, including fire, theft, acts of nature and vandalism. This type of insurance may require you to pay a deductible.

Where to Get a Quote: Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company

By Phone: Customers can contact the customer service department here: 1-210-498-8000

By Email: Customers can send general questions and concerns to You will need to create an account or sign into your existing account.

By Mail: Send correspondence to the following address:

Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company
9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX, 78288

Official Website:

Inquire About Your Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Claim Status: Customers can check the status of your claim by visiting the claim website or signing into your Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company account.

16 Comments on “Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company Claim
  1. Hello, we have a High Technology State of the Art Auto-Body Repair facility and we are VERY interested in becoming a Direct Repair Shop with the Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Please review and submit our request to the appropriate department and contact us with the next step to be placed on your Vendor waiting list. Thank You in advance, Michael Vindman.
    Five Towns Auto-Body

  2. I would not give a single star to this agency.
    both my parents were veterans and there is no way I would buy insurance from this company.
    A USAA Claimant ran into me. He got the ticket. now my car needs to be fixed. USAA has been very difficult to work with. There is no way to get with the assigned agent. I really think that is a ficticious name to make you think you have someone to help you. it too 3 weeks to get an estimate. they are not willing to even put my car on racks to check mechanical even though I am having safety concerns that were not there prior to my accident. the field adjuster is a bully and is mentally and verbally abusive. I have written to complain at the texas dept of insurance. I am currently researching lawsuits.

  3. USAA is the absolute worst company I have ever worked with. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of anyone at the company. Negative 5 stars, do not use.

  4. I am a Billing and Collection specialist which the claim was paid to the wrong company in error. I have made several attempts to contact the company refunding the payment made and re-issuing the check to the correct company. it has been a challenge contacting the company and have this purge claim addressed. Your client has made attempts as well to help aide in the correction and refund issued to the client. Please forward this information to the correct agent. This claim is an USAA Garrison client but we have been referred to Assurant Health. If any information on this matter please contact me at the number listed above.

  5. I have had no luck in weeks of getting my truck fixed after someone with this insurance hit me while turning in a no turn lane. Impossible company to deal with. Lawsuits will probably gain more attention unfortunately.

  6. I was hit by an USAA insured car. I receive a letter from USAA has been unable to contact me regarding the accident. So the sent me a letter with a form and a phone number to call. So I called the phone number and then got a voice prompt to enter my “PIN”. I DON’T HAVE A PIN WITH USAA.

    I HAVE NEVER gotten a call from anyone at USAA, so right off the bat, they are lying to me.

    I am glad that they are NOT my insurance company.

    Why was I given that phone number – I agree with

  7. USAA is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their employees are rude and they give you the run around hoping you will go away.

  8. totally the worst company I have ever dealt with impossible to reach them.they aren’t worth wasting your time on

  9. This company is a joke. I had one their customers hit my parked truck and they were turned in to statenpolic nwhoncalled me and sent me a report. The insurer not only didn’t have an issue hitting a parked car and not notifying anyone Boone from the insurance company will call me. Now I need to make a claim through my own insurance company to get the repairs done. I’m planning on turning this bogus insurance into the states attorney general office

  10. The phone number on the subscriber’s policy card was never answered. Doing a web search led me to this page which matched the subscriber’s information. The phone number here worked first time. Staff at USAA were very professional and thorough; started the claim answered all my questions; adjuster is assigned. No issues as of this point.

  11. What people on this site need to understand is that you don’t need to come here to file a claim. I found out that even though the person that hit me has insurance through this company it was Really USAA that you call to file the claim. 210-531-8722

  12. We switched all our insurance to USAA about 2016, and unfortunately we have had 3 claims. Very happy with how all 3 were handled – fast & generous. Better than our prior insurer.

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