GHI Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With GHI Insurance Provider

GHI is now Emblem Health. All claims must be made using the new company name. Health insurance policy holders can still access their online account using the GHI user name and password they established when Emblem Health was GHI. There is a possibility that your health insurance card and policy will still carry the GHI name. There are two methods of processing claims, based on the company named on your insurance card.

Emblem Health Claims: Download the Emblem Health claim form here: The form should be printed in red ink as it appears on the website. Send the completed form to the address on the back of your Emblem Health insurance card.

GHI Health Claims: Download the same claim form listed for Emblem Health claims. Make sure to print the form in the red color that appears on the screen. Send your completed claim form to:

PO Box 3000
New York, NY 10116-3000

About A GHI Insurance Health Plan

Some GHI insurance plans are offered by employers, so payments are deducted from weekly, biweekly or monthly paychecks. Individual and supplemental plans are purchased directly from Emblem Health or GHI. These plans must be paid for out of pocket. You can log in to your account online by visiting to learn more about payment procedures and options. Non-members are not given any information on the payment or billing process.

Coverage Details

  • Medicare Advantage HMO: This plan comes with preventative care with a $0 copay for your yearly physical. Copays are required for hospital and doctor’s office visits. The program also covers vision, dental and prescription medications.
  • Medicare Advantage PPO: Medicare PPO plans from Emblem Health are available in various levels ranging from the basic level I to the High Option. You receive a free physical exam once per year, dental coverage, vision coverage and much more.
  • Emblem Health Members: Emblem Health plans include EmblemHealth EPO/PPO, EmblemHealth CompreHealth and EmblemHealth Medicare. Learn more about the plans offered by Emblem Health here:
  • GHI Members: If your insurance card still reads the GHI logo, you may participate in the GHI Healthy NY EPO High Deductible, GHI Healthy NY HMO High Deductible, GHI Direct Pay HMO or GHI Direct Pay HMO POS.

To learn more about each of the health insurance plans offered by GHI and Emblem Health, visit the Plans for Individuals and Families at

Where to Get a Quote: GHI Insurance Contact Info & Login

Choose the list of contacts for your GHI health or Emblem Health insurance plan.

By phone (Emblem Health): 1-877-842-3625

By phone (GHI EPO/PPO): 1-212-501-4444 (New York) or 1-800-624-2414

By phone (GHI HMO): 1-877-244-4466

By phone (Medicare): 1-866-557-7300 (PPO) or 1-800-447-8255 (HMO)

By mail (Emblem Health):

Emblem Health
55 Water Street
New York, NY 10041

By mail (GHI):

441 Ninth Street
New York, NY 10001-1681

Official website:

Need to check your claim status: Sign in to your online account, using your Emblem Health or GHI log in information, to view the status of your claim.

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    • I found in our old records a check of GHI that sent to me on 03/12/1999 and I never cashed it,is there a way to activate it?
      I will appreciate your help. Thanks.

  2. hello im married to Shirley hebert and my dental is usally coverd under her also mine paid 80% and before GHI covered the other 20% how do I get it covered do I needa form or do you just do it do I sent u the dental bill and you cover or reinburst me I had to pay the 20 % out of pocket

  3. Your site needs a lot of improvement. Lots of unnecessary information but to view claims, still cannot locate area. As a provider’s office it is not user friendly. Was unable to register and several attempts were made. Poor service

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