Globe Life Insurance Claim

Globe Life Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Globe Life Insurance Provider

You must call customer service at 1-972-540-6542 to start the claims process. Though it is not mentioned on the Globe Life Insurance website, you may also be able to file your claim online via your account. You can register for an account at or log in to your account at

The Globe Life Insurance company has been in business since 1951. The company is part of the Torchmark Corporation, a member of the S&P 500. Over the years, Globe Life Insurance has earned the business of nearly four million customers.

About a Globe Life Insurance Plan

Your Globe Life Insurance plan will likely be purchased with a down payment and monthly payments. According to the front page of the website, adults and children can start a new policy for just $1 with monthly payments between $2.10 (for children) and $3.49 (for adults).

Coverage Details

Insurance coverage offered by Globe Life Insurance is determined by your state of residence. There are some constants or commonalities between states. Globe Life Insurance offers insurance policies for children and adults.

  • Adult Term Life Insurance: Globe Life sells term life insurance policies ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. The smaller the policy payout the lower the monthly premium will be. There are no medical exams or waiting periods when purchasing term life insurance from Globe Life.
  • Child Life Insurance: As long as the premiums for the child life insurance policy are paid, the policy will last a lifetime. According to Globe Life, the premium rates for $5,000 to $20,000 policies are determined by the child’s age. Once the premium is set the rate does not change for the life of the policy. There are no medical exams or waiting periods.

There are no family policies available from Globe Life Insurance, but all family members can be covered on individual policies.

Where to Get a Quote: Globe Life Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-972-540-6542

By phone (fax): 1-214-250-5702

By email (policyholder questions):

By email (non-policyholder questions): Visit and click on Non-Policyholder Questions for the contact form.

By mail:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company Globe Life Center Oklahoma City, OK 73184

Official website:

Check on your claim status: You can check the status of your Globe Life Insurance claim by calling customer service at 1-972-540-6542 or logging in to your account at

30 Comments on “Globe Life Insurance Claim
    • This has been and is the worst experience I have ever faced. The fact that the insurance company does not and has shown so little really interest well iñ to five months now. My son was trying to keep one of the burdens that death can bring a parent and yet the company appears to be trying to just prolong the paying out the $20000.00 that he had signed up for.To try to find away to not pay is really making me mad. What makes them do the people that trust them like they don’t exist. Not liking this treatment at all.Do we have to sue and raise h— to get decent treatment.

    • To declare premium benefits after the policy owner dies, the successor should request your declare type from the insurer that issued the premium. The successor will need to submit a certified copy of the death certificate with the declare type. claim life insurance?

  1. I was told by one of your worker that it takes at least 6 months to claim a check. How are we going to pay for the funeral expenses if we wait that long?

  2. Globe Life Insurance Company, is riping people off. They claimed that I owed them for two months, I sent them my bank statements and they still have not credited me. They have not refunded my money. Please don’t use Globe life and Accident Insurance Company.

  3. I have tried calling ALL day long to report a death! I am currently on hold and have been for 2 hours, 34 minutes and 42 seconds!!!

  4. I have been paying on 4 different policies for over 2 years and I live on a fixed income.My brother passed away feb.24 2015 and I have not been able to contact ANYONE at Globe Life to file a claim.I am not a happy camper right now and they are about to lose a client.

  5. I have been on the phone all day holding. Do you have to literally walk into this office to speak to someone? I don’t like anything I’ve been reading. Already, I’ve lost my husband, my nerves are not ready for this..

  6. They are not a good life insurance co. People should not use them
    I have read online so many bad things about globe life . And the refuse to pay out . They love the money being paid in . This might be another Burney maydoff. In the works .

  7. I think all of you should contact the insurance board for your state, I can’t wait for months, I am 78 and will have no place to live. I will apply for a gofundme and let them know the reason I need the Money is that my husband passed,
    I filed for his $10,000.00 life insurance policy. I will go to the state insurance board. I have been paying oom policies through them since 1982. This making people wait is just wrong.

  8. it has come to my attn that there may have been a policy i knew nothing about !Under my mothers name Helen Mae Francisco born 12-23-1942 passed on 02-22-15 I need for this to be checked out and please get back to me,as this is causing me great stress.THANK YOU ROBIN M WALSH

  9. Good Afternoon my name is Tyshondra Barnes and I wad not pleased with the setvices I received from global life insurance some of the questions were not appropriate and I decided to canceled the policy.Sone of the agents over tge telephone asked questions that didnt habe anything to do with me getting insurance wasnt pleased! And wish to longer received anything from Global Life Insurance Company

    • Sorry to hear from so many that globe life is truly another scam artist. 60 minutes did a show on such companies. They know when their insured is deceased yet continue to attempt to collect the premiums. I receive mailers almost every day from globe life attempting to get myself, children, and grandchildren to sign up for their scam. Don’t do it!

  10. My Mothers husband passed away, we contacted insurance company to collect for funeral. We were told they would need a death certificate & copy of obituary. Than they would send check to my Mother. Waiting for death certificate and will advise on response once this is sent in next week. I do hope above comments are not true & they have made changes, as they paid Premiums and they should honor agreement. Thank you

  11. daddy passed 10/26/2016 still waiting for the denied or approved letter this suck my brother had to fork out of pocket for all my dad home going needs I’m still trying to pay my brother back ………… sad piere

  12. Sister passed 2/8/17 had 20thousand policy.Pray they respond quickly with funeral home payment.We don’t need another insurance co.horror story in are life.

  13. I absolutely recommend that you call your State Insurance Commissioner to register these complaints and if you can get a number for the Federal Insurance Commission even better. I was able to get through to sales in a matter of seconds but claims has proven to be next to impossible. Sales says it is due to high call volume. I was on hold for 45 minutes before hanging up and trying to reach sales which as I said was extremely easy.

  14. After doing the extensive research I have discovered this insurance company has a notorious record of denying claims, stalling on status of claims, and rejecting claims over minor issues.
    They have a long list of consumer complaints and unsatisfactory performance. We have just filed a accidental death claim two days ago but after reading these horror stories we are already preparing for a payment denial on the policy. It seems globe life searches for any and all reasons to deny or reject a claim on insured death. We are saddened to discover this terrible coverage and deception after the fact. We should have done this extensive research prior to signing on with company. Lesson learned, but at our cost!

  15. I am about to stop all of my policies that I have with Globe Life. I have never had such problems with any other company. I have tried and tried to get change of beneficiaries on a couple of policies. I started that almost two years ago. They did change one but they changed it so that the policy holder and the insured are the same person. How can she collect on herself after she has passed away? I would never buy another police from Globe; buyer beware. I am sure this will not posted.

  16. I gave tried to reach you by phone. Long wait time . I want to ask why I was not given more frequent notices for payments due. I lost a bill and forgot about what was due. Please send or call to remind me thanks.

  17. I want to cash out my policy, because the payment amount keep increasing, I have tried to call them to cash out, but always put on hold for hours , and still did not get to talk to anyone now, I am getting last due notice, I want to cash this police out.Globe Life is not going to keep going up on me. When it stated when I took out the police (the monthly premium will will be based on the child age and ( will never increase)

  18. I got a policy from them not realizing it was a term policy. I paid on this policy for five years,to find out every five years the amount cAN INCREASE UP TO $300 A MONTH.The policy was for only $20000. THEY LURE YOU IN WIYH A SMALL AMOUNT THEN INCREASE IT TREMENDOUSLY IF THE INSURED IS NOT DECEASED AT THE END OF THE TERM, THE INSURED POLICY IS NO LONGER VALID.HEARING THIS I OPTED OUT IN A TIMELY MATTER. THEY ARE NOW TELLING ME I AM NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND.
    I Am GLAD I opted out hearing the horror stories above as to how they were treated when their loved one became deceased.

  19. This company is the worst. They take people money and act like nothing happened. My father has passed away about 5 months now. I asked for simple claim forms up till now I haven’t got it. But I will take to my lawyer and get what I need from them. It not that hard to kind or sympathetic to someone feeling. But when it comes to taking money out of people’s bank out it easy and fast.

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