Guardian Dental Insurance Claim

Guardian Dental Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Guardian Dental Insurance Provider

To file a dental claim with Guardian dental insurance call 1-800-541-7846. Most dental providers will contact your insurance company before providing services to ensure coverage and verify co-payment amount or deductible. There are few reasons why a group dental insurance policy holder should have to file a claim directly.

Guardian dental insurance is part of the Guardian group of insurance policies. The company also offers life, critical illness, vision and disability insurance. Group plans are the specialty of Guardian Insurance, which means the policies are most often provided as optional coverage for employee purchase or free coverage with employment, depending on the employer.

About a Guardian Dental Insurance Plan

The Guardian dental insurance plan is a group insurance plan, which means you are paying for your premium via paycheck deductions or your employer is paying for the premiums. Dental insurance is not one of the insurance products customers can purchase directly from Guardian Insurance.

Coverage Details

Guardian dental insurance connects the insured with more than 80,000 dental providers in more than 170,000 locations across the nation. The average discount for dental services provided to Guardian dental insurance policy holders is 30%, meaning the insured pays less for dental services. The three main dental policies offered are ASO (administration only), PPO (preferred provider organization) and pre-paid dental plans. Guardian dental also allows some policy holders to rollover a pre-determined portion of the maximum benefit for future use if needed.

Where to Get a Quote: Guardian Dental Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-800-541-7846

By phone (dental guard select): 1-888-600-9200

By phone (First Commonwealth DHMO): 1-866-494-4542

By phone (First Commonwealth PPO): 1-866-302-4542

By phone (managed dental care): 1-800-273-3330

By phone (managed dental guard): 1-888-618-2016

By email: Visit and click on the By Email tab.

By mail (customer service):

Guardian Life Insurance Attn: Dental Insurance 7 Hanover Sq. Customer Service H6D New York, NY 10004

By mail (customer complaints): Guardian Life Insurance Attn: Customer Complaints Guardian Compliance H23K 7 Hanover Sq. New York, NY 10004

Official website:

Check on your claim status: Call 1-800-541-7846 to check on the status of your Guardian dental insurance claim. Though most policy holders leave the claims processing to the dental office, in some cases it may be necessary to check on the status of a claim if pre-approval is required before dental work can be completed.

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