Hanover Insurance Claim

How to File A Claim With Hanover

Filing The Claim With Hanover Provider

As a policyholder of Hanover Auto Insurance, you have the ability to file a claim by visiting the official website http://www.hanover.com/personal-insurance/service/making-a-claim.html. You can submit your claim through the online form or by mailing your information to the customer service department.

Hanover provides several products designed to keep policyholders safe and secure. The company has provided products for individuals, businesses as well as families for more than 150 years. Hanover, currently ranked as one of the top 25 insurance companies in the United States, provides low-cost products and excellent customer service.

About A Hanover Plan

Hanover Auto Insurance is billed on a monthly basis. If you are having difficulty with your monthly payment, you can contact the customer service department and switch to a bi-monthly bill payment, a quarterly bill payment or a yearly bill payment.

Coverage Details

Hanover Auto Insurance policyholders can choose one of the following types of insurance coverage:

Comprehensive Coverage: This type of coverage helps motorists pay for damage to their vehicle caused by events other than an accident. Typical damage is caused by theft, vandalism or natural disasters.

Collision Coverage: This coverage helps pay for damage caused to your vehicle by another motorist.

Medical Payments: In the event you or your passenger are involved in an accident and need medical attention, this coverage covers the cost. You may need to pay a deductible.

Personal Injury Protection: This type of insurance covers costs associated with an accident, in which you or the other motorist incur bodily injury.

Where to Get a Quote: Hanover Auto insurance Contact Info and Login

Contact Information for Hanover

By Phone: You can connect with a live customer service agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-628-0250 or 1-800-853-0456.

By Email: You have multiple options when sending communication to the customer service department. You can either sign into your account or send a message to firstreport@hanover.com.

By Mail: Hanover Auto Insurance policyholders can send a message to the customer service department or the corporate executives at the following location:

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.440 Lincoln StreetWorcester, MA 01653-0002

Official Website: http://www.hanover.com/

Inquire About Your Hanover Claim Status: Hanover Auto Insurance customers can check the status of an existing claim or file a new claim by visiting the official website http://www.hanover.com/claims.html. You can also check the status of your claims by signing into your account from the main website.

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