Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Liberty Mutual Insurance Provider

If your company needs to file a worker’s compensation claim, they must first print out the First Report of Injury form from Fill out the form completely and call 1-888-951-3200. Alternatively, the form can be faxed to 1-800-969-3062.

About A Liberty Mutual Workers Comp Plan

Liberty Mutual offers VantageComp for businesses of various sizes to help control worker’s compensation expenses. According to Liberty Mutual, VantageComp is a top of the line claim processing unit that reduces the total cost to the employer dramatically. The four key points of VantageComp, as presented to the employer, are:

  • Research and Data in Action
  • Highly Trained Claims Processors
  • Predictive Modeling that Recognizes Potential Claim Escalation
  • Average 60% Savings on Medical Bills

Coverage Details

Liberty Mutual offers various services for the business in need of worker’s compensation insurance. Not all products and services provided by Liberty Mutual are directly related to processing claims, however.

  • Assigned Risk Services: Liberty Mutual handles claims, loss control, auditing and the underwriting process for worker’s compensation in more than 30 states.
  • Claims Management: Handles all aspects of the claims process for businesses with Liberty Mutual policies.
  • Risk Reduction: Helps businesses reduce risk by teaching, training and developing core solutions.
  • Integrated Disability Management: Integrates disability payments and processes into the worker’s compensation package.
  • Risk Management Information Services: RISKTRAC – an Internet program for managing claims and information pertinent to the business.
  • Third Party Administration: Helmsman Management Services is a division of Liberty Mutual offering claims administration.

Where to Get A Quote: Liberty Mutual Insurance Contact Info & Login

Liberty Mutual offers workers compensation insurance for businesses, not individuals. Contact information below is for businesses with a worker’s comp policy with Liberty Mutual.

By phone (corporate headquarters): 1-617-357-9500

By phone (property claims): 1-800-259-2184

By mail:

Liberty Mutual Group, Inc
175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA 02116

Official website:

Check the claim status of your claim: Contact the human resources department for information on making a worker’s compensation claim. Your company will work with Liberty Mutual to process the claim and provide health coverage and other benefits based on the situation. If a human resources department needs to contact Liberty Mutual about claim status they should send an email using the contact form here They can also log in to the business portal at

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  1. I have an auto mobile damages claim. The preference shop of Liberty Mutual has provided an initial estimate. The OK was given to repair the damages. A car rental was rrequired furing the time the vehicle was in the autobody shop. After body work repair some hidden damages were discovered. These were a crack on the left of windshield became apparent. The speakers of navigation system were found broken upon Lexus dealership open up gor diagnosis. However, Liberty Mutual (Katherine Moore) refused to give the OK for Lexus to cmplete repair the vehicle damages. Her unreasonable refusal cause hassle to me because these damages should be treated as supplemental works or hidden damages THAN a new claim because they were reported on the original claim of 5/21/16 (the navigation system) . I need a more responsible personnel to handle and complete my claim please. THANKS.

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