Markel Insurance Claim

Markel Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Markel Insurance Provider

Markel Insurance offers a three-step approach to filing claims 24/7. First, call the claims department at 1-800-362-7535 or send an email about the new claim to Print off a copy of incident paperwork at and fill out the paperwork in detail. Include all relevant names and contact information. Take pictures of the scene of the crime if possible. Make a copy of all claim/accident information and send a copy to your Markel Insurance claims administrator.

Markel Insurance is a specialty insurance provider. There are tens of thousands of companies offering life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and other mainstream insurance policies, but few companies specialize in off-market protection. According to Markel Insurance, the specialty market is best served by companies who understand their niche and stick with that niche. Markel Insurance offers policies for child camps, childcare centers, independent schools and organizations of all kinds.

About a Markel Insurance Plan

Markel Insurance plan premiums are set based on the type of insurance and details about the coverage provided. Your premium payment may be broken into smaller payments as a payment plan for some policies.

Coverage Details

Coverage with Markel Insurance relies heavily on the type of insurance policy you have with the company. A complete list of insurance policies is available at Click on the type of insurance you are interested in or you currently have to learn more about insurance coverage and details. Some of the insurance plans from Markel Insurance provide liability coverage, tuition reimbursement, mortality claims and coverage for towing.

Where to Get a Quote: Markel Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (property, auto and liability claims): 1-800-362-7535

By phone (horse mortality claims): 1-800-446-7925

By phone (customer service): 1-800-416-4364

By email (horse insurance):

By email (organizations):

By email (performing arts schools and businesses):

By email (ThomCo):

By email (FirstComp):

By email (programs division):

By mail:

Markel Specialty Insurance4600 Cox Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23060


Markel ClaimsP.O. Box 2009Glen Allen, VA 23058

Official website:

Check on your claim status: You can call the claims department at 1-800-362-7535 to check the status of your specialty insurance claim. If you have a claim in for a horse mortality, contact 1-800-446-7925 for current claim status information. The claims department can also be reached by fax at 1-855-662-7535 if customers need to send documentation to the claims department.

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