Medicaid Insurance Claim

Medicaid Claim

Filing The Claim with Medicaid Provider

Medicaid claims are filed by medical providers. Individuals are not required to file Medicaid claims. If you need to apply for Medicaid coverage you can visit and choose your state from the menu on the right side of the page. You will be taken to your state Medicaid page for more information on how to apply. You can also visit to apply for health coverage during the open enrollment period.

Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by the federal government. The program is designed to cover necessary medical expenses, including preventative expenses like vision and dental needs, for qualified persons. Medicaid is available for children and adults. Applications are accepted on a state level, so applicants will need to visit a local government office to file an application. If you are applying for Medicaid coverage for a child or children and your income is higher than the ceiling set for the Medicaid program, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) coverage may be available. CHIP requires parents pay a one-time fee of $100 in some states to start coverage. The name CHIP is different in some states. In North Carolina, for instance, CHIP is known as NC Health Choice.

About a Medicaid Plan

There are no monthly costs or out of pocket expenses for people covered by Medicaid as long as the medical procedure is covered. Coverage under Medicaid rules and regulations will be determined before care is provided, in some cases. Emergency medical care will be provided immediately.

Coverage Details

Medicaid coverage may vary slightly by state. Mandatory medical coverage is in place as set by the federal government. Mandatory coverages include:

  • Hospital Services
  • Preventative Care
  • Home Health Services
  • X-rays
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Midwife Services
  • Pediatric and Nurse Practitioner Care
  • Medical Transportation

Where to Get a Quote: Medicaid Contact Info & Login

By phone: Visit and choose your state from the dropdown menu on the right side of the page. You must contact your state Medicaid office.

By email: There is no email address available for Medicaid claims.

By mail:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services7500 Security Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21244

Official website:

Check on your claim status: Your claim status will be checked by your medical care provider. You will be asked to pay your co-payment prior to service, if a co-payment is required for care. Services not covered by Medicaid are payable at full price.

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