Midland National Life Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Midland National Life Insurance Provider

Midland National Life Insurance policy holders can call 1-800-923-3223 to file a life insurance claim. If the policy is a variable life insurance plan, report claims to 1-800-272-1642. Annuity policies have a dedicated claims and benefits department available at 1-877-880-6367 or by fax at 1-877-586-0249.

Midland National Life Insurance is provides policies to help the insured provide financial stability for current and future generations. The company claims to focus on sustained, long-term growth so customers earn more from the money they invest.

About a Midland National Life Insurance Plan

Midland National Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance policies and annuities. Premiums are determined on an individual basis. Payments can be made online after registering for account access. No detailed payment information is mentioned on the Midland National Life Insurance official website.

Coverage Details

There are four types of life insurance and three types of annuities offered by Midland National Life Insurance.

Life Insurance

  • Term: Designed as temporary coverage, term life insurance is purchased for a set term ranging from 10 to 30 years, in most cases. Once the term is complete, the insurance policy is cancelled. In some cases the insured may be given the opportunity to start a new term or convert the policy to long-term life insurance coverage.
  • Whole: Traditional life insurance offering a set death benefit, set premium and long-term coverage.
  • Universal: Flexible life insurance policy that allows the insured to alter coverage to meet personal and financial needs. Cash worth accumulates over the life of the policy.
  • Indexed Universal: Universal insurance with a 0% floor to protect policy holders from monetary loss. Investments are based on market indexes, not in individual stocks.


  • Traditional Fixed: Fixed interest rate annuity guaranteed for a preset period. Floor percentage in place to ensure your percentage never drops below the specified percentage.
  • Index Annuity: You set the market indices you want your annuity growth to depend upon each year. When earnings are added to your fund, the new value becomes the floor value.
  • Immediate Annuity: Provides a guaranteed income stream ranging from a short period to life.

Where to Get a Quote: Midland National Life Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (life insurance policy): 1-800-923-3223

By phone (variable insurance policy): 1-800-272-1642

By phone (fixed annuity): 1-877-586-0244

By phone (fixed annuity fax): 1-877-586-0249

By phone (claims and benefits): 1-877-880-6367

By phone (claims and benefits fax): 1-877-586-0249

By phone (variable annuity): 1-866-270-9564

By phone (variable annuity fax): 1-866-270-9565

By email (general customer service): https://www.midlandnational.com/contact-us

By email (fixed annuity): FCustomerService@sfgmembers.com

By email (variable annuity): Vannuitydeptbox@sfgmembers.com

By mail (life insurance):

Midland National Life Insurance Company
1 Sammons Plaza
Sioux Falls, SD 57193

By mail (annuity):

Midland National Annuity Division
350 Westown Pkwy.
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Official website: https://www.midlandnational.com

Inquire about your Midland National Life Insurance claim status: You can call the claims department at 1-877-880-6367 to check the status of your annuity claim. If your claim is with the life insurance division, call 1-800-923-3223 for general policies or 1-800-272-1642 for variable policies.

One comment on “Midland National Life Insurance Claim
  1. My husband, who passed away in 2012 had a life insurance policy with the Midland Life Insurance Group. I have been attempting to locate where his policy may be. His name was William Woodward Port Matilda, PA. I would like to make a claim, on this insurance and do not have a copy of his policy. Any assistance you may offer would be most appreciated.

    I would appreciate being contacted by phone if possible. Thank you.

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