Minnesota Life Insurance Company Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With Minnesota Life Insurance Provider

Customers holding a Minnesota Life Insurance policy can report a claim online at https://www.securian.com/benefits/ssl/reportclaim/reportClaimInit.do. You will need to know some detailed and personal information about the policy holder, including where the person obtained the insurance policy, type of claim, birth and death information about the policy holder and social security number of the deceased, if possible.

Minnesota Life Insurance company was established in 1880. Today the company provides insurance policies for all states aside from New York. New York policies are underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company.

About A Minnesota Life Insurance Plan

Payment for a Minnesota Life Insurance plan depends on the type of plan and where the plan is purchased from. Employees will likely pay per pay check, which could mean weekly, biweekly or monthly payments. Individuals will likely pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Coverage Details

Minnesota Life Insurance Company offers six different main types of life insurance to ensure customers have options to preserve the financial security of loved ones.

  • Whole Life: Lifetime coverage with set premiums and accumulation of cash value.
  • Universal Life: Long-term life insurance coverage offering flexible payment/premium options.
  • Indexed Life: Interest gaining account linked to one or more index accounts. There are maximum and minimum credits.
  • Variable Life: Allows the insured to invest money to increase accumulation of policy value. Increased value is not guaranteed.
  • Survivorship Life: Two-person life insurance policy paid after both insured parties are deceased.
  • Adjustable Life: Life insurance that changes as your life and budget change with adjustable premiums and coverage.

Where to Get a Quote: Minnesota Life Insurance Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Minnesota Life Insurance Company

By phone (toll-free): 1-855-651-3500

By phone (local): 1-651-665-3500

By phone (annuities): 1-800-362-3141

By phone (credit life): 1-800-452-4521

By phone (group life and disability): 1-800-843-8358

By phone (mortgage life information): 1-800-328-9343

By phone (mortgage life customer service): 1-800-377-2775

By phone (retirement plans): 1-800-233-2881

By email: https://www.securian.com/Securian/Contact/Contact+us+via+email

By mail:

Securian Financial Group Attn: Minnesota Life Insurance Company 400 Robert St. N. St. Paul, MN 55101

Official website: https://www.securian.com

Inquire about your Minnesota Life Insurance claim status: You can check the status of your Minnesota Life Insurance claim at https://www.securian.com/benefits/ssl/viewclaim/viewClaim.do. You will need the claim number and the date of birth for the policy holder. You can also contact the claims department for information at https://www.securian.com/benefits/ssl/contactUs.do.

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  1. This link does not work. Very frustrated with this company. I have bills to pay having to do with my husbands death a month ago and I cannot even get through to your claim area. I am beginning to think this is just a stall tactic so you can delay paying out claims.

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