Mutual of Omaha Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Mutual of Omaha Insurance Provider

If you are the beneficiary of a Mutual of Omaha life insurance policy, you’ll need to call 1-800-775-1000 Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to start the claims process. You will be required to submit the death certificate of the policy holder before the claim can be approved. If you choose to submit your claim by email, go here:

You will need to include the name of the insured policy holder, policy number, date of death, cause of death and the name and contact information for the beneficiary on the form.

About A Mutual of Omaha Insurance Life Plan

You can access your Mutual of Omaha account at From your account you can pay your insurance premiums on the schedule established with your agent. Most insurance policies are available with variable payment plans ranging from monthly to yearly.

Coverage Details

Mutual of Omaha offers four types of life insurance to meet your personal needs. Here is a brief description of each choice.

  • Term Life: The term life policy from Mutual of Omaha is there for people who want coverage, but need to limit cost. The policy premium is set for a term, typically between 10 and 30 years. Once the policy term has expired, there are options to maintain insurance coverage, but premium rates will likely increase. There is no cash value to this policy.
  • Universal Life: The universal policy is flexible and more expensive than the term policy, but it is meant to be carried for a lifetime. As monetary and life status changes, the universal policy can be adapted for that change. Premiums can be leveled. The cash value of the policy is dependent on current interest rates.
  • Whole Life: The whole life policy offers long-term coverage, a guaranteed death benefit and cash value that builds over time.
  • Accidental Death: This policy is in place in the case of an accidental death of a loved one. This is not a life insurance policy as natural death or death from disease is not covered under this policy.

Where to Get a Quote: Mutual of Omaha Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone: Simply dial 1-800-931-7105 to talk with an agent about a new or current life insurance policy.

By email: Connect with an agent via email using the online contact form located at

Check your Mutual of Omaha claim status: Once the claim process is started, the beneficiary can call 1-800-775-1000 to check on the status of the claim.

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  2. Why can I not talk to an agent on the phone or in person to start the paperwork for a claim when I need too?

    Online only and at your convenience is not how customer service works.

    May the masses figure it out and take action accordingly.

  3. dear sir, im claiming the case and settlement for marian v. Campbell today. policy no#392265-28 and the notice of annual meeting of policyholders. im claiming the claim forms for cancer patients and descreptions for refund check at $95 million dollars accentental-death claim forms submitted and awarded to family (iris Campbell/daughter),stating that marian Campbell is deceased at September 23,2016. birthday is may 21 and asking for full claims settlement for mother and burial and ceremony now. thanks, thanks, I think your office is great and handles many cases of individual peoples. please settle this circumstance today and please write and call soon thanks, thanks, happy holiday, thanks, iris v. Campbell,age 59 years old, Cleveland, ohio. its urgent, please reply soon. also, thanks to medicare too.

  4. My died but don’t know exactly wich insurance company she was covered by.
    Her name is rhonda strachan. Please help if you can

  5. I have a supplemental hospital insurance policy which I acquired a long time ago on line. I cannot find the policy and I recently was in the hospital. The insurance is useless to me if I can’t contact someone about that coverage. My account is automatically drafted every month. Please advise.

  6. I called on this about a week and a half ago. I was told that the company did not send out claim forms. everything was taken care of after the claim was verified. They would contact the doctor and so on. I have had this cancer policy about six yrs and have never filed a claim. I want to hear something from some one concerning this problem.

    • I have been browsing online for several minutes and cannot locate a cancer claim form. That should be easy to do. My policy # is FP0025-0428970. My date of birth is 09-03-1935. Please let me know how I can get a claim form. Thank you.

  7. I think it’s disturbing,frustrating and kind of makes me angry,my mother died from cancer and cancer patients are in enough pain and fear without needing to feel as if they’re not important enough for someone to do there job and help them with getting a simple form

  8. Trying to figure out if my husband’s cancer claim was ever paid. His name is Dean Reiser, Milford, IA. If I need to resubmit please advise. It’s not very easy working with Avera and Sanford and trying to get a Mutual of Omaha claim filed. Very frustrating.

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