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Filing The Claim With Nationwide Auto Provider

Nationwide Auto insurance policyholders are given multiple options to file claims. The process involves filing and online claim here, contacting your local Nationwide Auto Insurance agent or log into your account here Nationwide Auto Insurance is one of the world’s largest auto insurers, establishing operations in 1925 as a small insurance company. As a company, Nationwide branched out from its roots of Farmers Bureau Mutual to the company of today by expanding into the western states and eventually globally. The goal of the company is to continue to promote the brand as well as provide deep discounts to policyholders.

About A Nationwide Auto Plan

Nationwide Auto Insurance is primarily billed on a monthly basis. You have the option to receive bills on a quarterly, every three months, or a yearly basis.

Coverage Details

Customers have a wide variety of products available from Nationwide Auto Insurance:

  • Liability Coverage: Liability coverage is the lowest amount of auto insurance needed on a vehicle. This type of insure covers damage and bodily injury to other. The coverage does not cover damage or bodily injury to you or passengers in your vehicle. Check with your Nationwide Auto insurance agent for the minimum coverage for your state.
  • Comprehensive Auto insurance Coverage: If your vehicle is damaged, not a result of an accident, Comprehensive Auto insurance Coverage covers applicable costs. You may be required to payment upfront deductable prior to Nationwide Auto Insure paying the remainder of the costs.
  • Collision Coverage: In the event another driver strikes your vehicle, your vehicle rolls or you strike another vehicle, this type of coverage will cover applicable costs. Collision is mandatory when purchasing or leasing a vehicle.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Car Insurance Coverage: This type of coverage covers expenses incurred by damage resulting from unidentified, uninsured or underinsured drivers. The coverage also includes payments covering medical costs of the driver and passengers as well as lost wages due to injury. Check with your Nationwide Auto Insurance agent for the required coverage amounts for your state.

Where To Get a Quote: Nationwide Auto Contact Info & Login

Contact information for Nationwide Auto Insurance

By Phone: Call Nationwide Auto Insurance customer service at: 1-877-669-6877.

By email: You can contact Nationwide Auto Insurance with any and all email inquiries to

By mail: Send communications to the following location:

Nationwide World Headquarters
One Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215-2220

Official website:

Refer to your Nationwide claims status: the details of your policy and subsequent claim status will need to be reviewed by an official Nationwide Auto Insurance agent.


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