Occidental Fire And Casualty Insurance Claim

Occidental Fire and Casualty Claim

Filing The Claim with Occidental Fire and Casualty Provider

Occidental Fire and Casualty home insurance claims can be filed online. Visit https://www.occidentalins.com/Claims_LossNotice.cfm and fill in all appropriate and relevant information. The form asks for the property parish, if you do not live in a parish use the address box for your home address. The form can be filed by the agent or the homeowner. To fill out the form in its entirety you will need some information about the loss and policy, including date of loss, policy number and a description of the incident. If you have an auto claim, visit http://www.occiquote.com/Login/Login.aspx and log in to your account to start the claims process.

Occidental Fire and Casualty is a North Carolina insurance provider that issues insurance policies in North Carolina, New York, Louisiana, South Carolina and Alabama.

About a Occidental Fire and Casualty Plan

Billing details for your Occidental Fire and Casualty insurance policy will depend on the agreement between you and the insurance company. Some policy holders choose to make monthly payments while others choose to pay the entire premium in full each year. Customer service is available to work with customers when setting up a policy or after a policy has been started to establishment an acceptable and affordable payment plan.

Coverage Details

There is very little information on the Occidental Fire and Casualty website with details on available insurance policies. We do know the company offers dwelling-based policies on buildings and the contents of those buildings, but the company does not offer content-only policies. The company also offers HO 2 and 3 policies, but it does not offer HO 4, 6 or 8 policies.

Where to Get a Quote: Occidental Fire and Casualty Contact Info & Login

By phone (auto claims): 1-800-223-5994

By phone (auto customer service): 1-800-233-1880

By phone (home claims/customer service): 1-800-780-8423

By phone (home claims/customer service local): 1-941-746-4107

By phone (billing): 1-800-486-9040

By email (customer service): customercare@occiquote.com

By email (claims): claiminfo@occiquote.com

By email (general information): info@occiquote.com

By email (billing): rrudisill@baisi.com

By mail: You can contact Occidental Fire and Casualty about your home or auto policy at:

Occidental Fire and Casualty (Auto)P.O. Box 8487Coral Springs, FL 33075


Occidental Fire and Casualty (Home)P.O. Box 241Bradenton, FL 34206

Official website: The official website for Occidental Fire and Casualty is located at https://www.occidentalins.com/. Auto insurance information is available at http://www.occiquote.com.

Check on your claim status: After filing a claim with Occidental Fire and Casualty you can call customer service to check on the status of the claim. Home customer service is available at 1-800-780-8423. Auto customer service can be reached at 1-800-223-5994.

6 Comments on “Occidental Fire And Casualty Insurance Claim
  1. I have a claim and a claim number,I was told an adjuster was going to get to me 24/48 hrs.yet no one contacted me,how come?

  2. January 18/2016 09:12 am

    I have a claim and a claim number, and when I filled the claim by phone, the person who took thr claim told me, that I will be contacted by your adjuster in 24 o 48 hours. No one contact me yet.

  3. It seems as if this issue is very common because I have a claim number and I was also told I would be receiving a call and I have yet to get a call. So what do I do now? Don’t want to keep nagging.

  4. I have been fighting with this insurance co since Dec, 2015
    Yes…Dec, 2015
    I had purchased insurance coverage on a storage unit I rented! It was found by the onsite manager, yes let me make it clearer “THE ONSITE STORAGE MANAGER” was the one to notify me that my storage unit had been left open, no lock was found anywhere!
    As soon as I was notified by the onsite manager of the “EXTRA SPACE STORAGE CO”, RANCHO CORDOVA, CA Immediately i let my husband know and we collectively inspected what was left in the unit, and what was missing from our storage unit!
    It was at this time we notified the insurance co of our loss!
    Which would have been in Dec, 2015 As of this date April 26, 2018 we have yet to be compensated for our property loss! The claim’s adjuster has been denying our claim from the onset! After reviewing my file on this storage unit I noticed that one of the denial letters from American claims stated that we only have a 3yr statue of limitations in the state of California to refile or dispute a denial of benefits owed for my loss of property that was broken into and stollen from your insured. So at this time I have done all the appropriate foot work to allow this claim to be paid in full for my property that was stollen out of my locked, secured and gated storage unit! If this claim is not settled to my satisfaction, under my policy coverage, I will have no choice but to file a law suit in small claims court in the county of Sacramento! I have complied with all documents required in order to redeem my policy coverage $ amount! Which by the way is no where near what my actual $amount in loss of my property! I have emailed you a copy of the police report done online! As well as informed you of how I was notified by the onsite manager at the Extra Space Storage unit in Rancho Cordova! I would like to be compensated for my loss as stated in my contract that was a $2000.00 policy!
    You should know, that $2ooo.oo is nothing compared to my loss. It would be greatly appreciated, If you could reimburse us for our loss! It has been almost 3yrs since we notified you of our loss! Please…. Let’s settle this claim and move on…. Or I will be forced to file in small claims court to recover a very small amount of our loss! Sincerely, Robin L. Clarkson

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