Primerica Life Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Primerica Life Insurance Provider

There is little information on the Primerica Life Insurance website about filing a claim. You can call the claims office at 1-888-893-9858 to start a new claim. If you simply need information about the claims process, email claims at Alternatively, you may be able to access claims documents from the insurance holder’s account after logging in at

Primerica Life Insurance is part of the Primerica group of insurance products. The company also offers investments, auto insurance, home insurance and long-term care insurance. The Primerica name is part of the Main Street North America family with a history dating back to 1977. According to Primerica Life Insurance, more than 90% of all death claims are settled and paid within 14 days of filing a claim. The company currently holds more than $675 billion in life insurance policies.

About a Primerica Life Insurance Plan

The payment plans available from Primerica Life Insurance likely range from monthly payments to yearly payments. You can learn more by accessing your account at

Coverage Details

Primerica Life Insurance offers Term Life Insurance to company customers. Term life insurance covers the client for a set term, typically between 10 and 30 years. In some cases customers are allowed to start a second term of insurance, but the premium may be increased on the second term as the insured will be older and the risk of death higher. Term life insurance is perfect for people who need intermittent insurance or people who want pure life insurance coverage with a larger death payout at a lower insurance premium.

Where to Get a Quote: Primerica Life Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (client services): 1-800-257-4725

By phone (claims): 1-888-893-9858

By phone (loans): 1-800-737-6011

By phone (investments/mutual funds): 1-800-544-5445

By phone (annuities): 1-888-556-5412

By phone (Canadian information and claims English): 1-800-387-7876

By phone (Canadian information and claims French): 1-800-265-4804

By email (client services):

By email (claims):

By mail (United States):

Primerica Life Insurance Company 1 Primerica Pkwy Duluth, GA 30099

By mail (Canada):

Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada P.O. Box 174 Streetsville, ON L5M 2B8

Official website:

Inquire about your Primerica Life Insurance claim status: To learn more about your claim, check your claim status by calling 1-888-893-9858 or emailing You will need information about the name and possibly the claim number to access information.

4 Comments on “Primerica Life Insurance Claim
  1. Why is it so hard to find and print out life insurance death claims . No one calls us back and the forms we need to file a death claim is no where to be found . If Primarics is watching these post please call me tomorrow morning at or about 9 am please . We pay out dearly each month and you cannot even call me!!!

    • Attention Primerica,
      I called the company on April 9, 2019 to request a death claim form however, as to date April 13, 2019 I have not received the form. I attempted to find the form online but had no luck. I know it only takes approximately 3 business days for mail to flow from one state to another. We paid our premium on time, why is it we have to wait so long for requested information.

  2. I need to file a death claim for my husband John H Rice. I tried what your automated message said to do, to no avail. The policy covers myself as well.#0432188943. Please have a PERSON call me at 251-752-7463. I have many questions.

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