Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Claim

Texas Farm Bureau Claim

Filing The Claim with Texas Farm Bureau Provider

Filing a claim with Texas Farm Bureau Insurance is simple. Visit https://www.txfb-ins.com/Resources/Claims/Pages/FileAutoClaim.aspx to report your auto claim and visit https://www.txfb-ins.com/Resources/Claims/Pages/FilePropertyClaim.aspx to report your property claim. More information on claims is available on the Claims page at https://www.txfb-ins.com/Resources/Claims/Pages/default.aspx. You can also call the claims department at 1-800-224-7936 for help reporting your claim.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance may sound like a company that only offers farm insurance, but that is not the case. The insurance company offers home, auto, life and farm insurance to the people of Texas. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance first opened in 1952 with a primary goal of protecting the financial health of customers with fairness and strong ethics – today the company lives by the same creed.

About a Texas Farm Bureau Plan

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance offers customers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plans. You may be able to change the payment plan by calling your insurance agent.

Coverage Details

When choosing an insurance policy from Texas Farm Bureau Insurance you have the option of choosing an auto, home, life and/or farm policy. You may be able to combine policies for a reduced premium.

  • Auto: Automobile coverage including liability, comprehensive, collision, personal injury, death indemnity and uninsured or underinsured plans. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance is required to sell customers an auto plan with the state minimum coverages. The current minimum automobile coverages are listed on the Auto Insurance page at https://www.txfb-ins.com/Services/Personal/Pages/auto.aspx.
  • Home: Your coverage may include dwelling (the physical home), personal property (items in the home), liability (protection if someone gets injured in or around the home) and loss of use. Renters and landlord plans are also available.
  • Life: Texas Farm Bureau life insurance plans include term, convertible, whole, adjustable premium, 15-pay juvenile, IRA, long-term care and annuity plans.
  • Farm: Protection for the land, your home and your business for both professional and personal farms.

Where to Get a Quote: Texas Farm Bureau Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-800-772-6535

By phone (claims): 1-800-266-5458

By phone (Waco claims office): 1-800-224-7936

By phone (fraud department): 1-800-711-0394

By email: https://www.txfb-ins.com/Resources/Mail/Pages/ContactUs.aspx

By mail:

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance 7420 Fish Pond Rd. Waco, TX 76710

Official website: https://www.txfb-ins.com/Pages/default.aspx

Check on your claim status: You can call 1-800-266-5458 to check the status of your Texas Farm Bureau claim. You can also log in to your account at https://www.txfb-ins.com/ManageAccount/Pages/UserLogin.aspx?DestinationURL=/Resources/Claims/Pages/ViewAllClaims.aspx to view past and present claims.

One comment on “Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Claim
  1. Claim No. 979767: I initially sent this notice to Connor Jones, your adjuster/evaluator on this claim. Now I am sending it directly to the Waco office with some editing.
    I cannot accept the results of your evaluation, and I have no idea what “Estimated Net Payment” and “Total Claim” are. Your black and white evaluation do not seem to allow for the intrinsic value inherent, for example, in Item 1 being my dad’s favorite hunting rifle which he passed down to me practically from his death bed and which I identified as an Heirloom, in Item 4 Helmet being a souvenir memory from a “once –in-a-lifetime” vacation trip with a very special person, and in Item 5 and 6 Crutchfield brand amplifiers not being equivalent to the no-longer-made Rockford Fosgates SPECIAL EDITION which I so identified in the claim documents. You used Crutchfield because you couldn’t find Rockford Fosgate amps although one had been available for sale on Ebay in past few weeks listed for $700; how does that grab you?)? Does that not speak to the value of the Rockford Fosgates?
    Your evaluation identified Amazon as a source for the HELMET. What kind of memory does buying from Amazon create? You have a vested interest in protecting your employer and your job. In fact you are doing a disservice to me as the client as well as to your employer.
    You assign your own arbitrary black-and-white values to these items and then apply depreciation??!! To me this is not using good faith and fairplay with a long-time member. How does a memory depreciate? How does a metal object depreciate sitting on a dresser? In turn my good faith was demonstrated by notarizing the claim therefore attesting to the accuracy.
    I insist that the claim be honored as made using the amounts therein and then apply the deductible only.

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