Texas Mutual Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Texas Mutual Insurance Provider

When you need to file a claim with Texas Mutual Insurance, call 1-800-892-8246 or log in at https://compnow.texasmutual.com/formslogin.aspx?reason=denied_empty&script_name=/InitUser.aspx&path_info=/InitUser.aspx to report an injury. Your case will be assigned a specialist that will work with you throughout the process. An alternative to talking to someone or sending an online form is to fax the injury report to the claims department at 1-877-404-7999.

Texas Mutual Insurance deals in worker’s compensation plans. These plans protect the worker from financial distress associated with an injury, illness or disease contributed to work done for an employer. Employees covered by worker’s compensation insurance receive medical care and financial support while recovering.

About a Texas Mutual Insurance Plan

Payments for Texas Mutual Insurance policies can be made online through your account login or by sending payments to:

Texas Mutual Insurance Attn: Accounting P.O. Box 841843 Dallas, TX 75284

Coverage Details

Worker’s compensation insurance provided by Texas Mutual Insurance is designed to protect a company from the financial impact of a lawsuit if an injury or death occurs on the job. According to Texas law, all employers must have worker’s compensation insurance or be prepared to certify they have the financial capability to handle large-scale claims.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers medical payments and lost wages, but it covers more than that. Employees are also covered by accidental death or dismemberment insurance. All companies working with Texas employers must be licensed by the Division of Worker’s Compensation. Such licensing information for any company can be requested from the Texas Department of Insurance at 1-800-252-3439.

Where to Get a Quote: Texas Mutual Insurance Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-800-859-5995

By phone (health care professionals): 1-800-532-5246

By phone (provider referrals): 1-800-381-8067

By phone (report a claim): 1-800-892-8246

By email (first injury report): https://compnow.texasmutual.com/InitUser.aspx?app=efroi

By email (information): information@texasmutual.com

By email (loss prevention): safety@texasmutual.com

By email (underwriters): underwriting@texasmutual.com

By email (claims): claims@texasmutual.com

By mail (submissions):

Texas Mutual Insurance Attn: Underwriting P.O. Box 12058 Austin, TX 78711

By mail (claims):

Texas Mutual Insurance Attn: Claims P.O. Box 12029 Austin, TX 78711

By mail (overnight communication):

Texas Mutual Insurance 6210 E. Highway 290 Austin, TX 78723

Official website: http://www.texasmutual.com/

Inquire about your Texas Mutual Insurance claim status: You can check the status of your Texas Mutual Insurance claim by emailing the claims department at claims@texasmutual.com. You need the claim number, worker’s name and name of the specialist assigned to the case when emailing.

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