The General Auto Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With The General Auto Insurance Provider

If you have an auto insurance policy with The General Auto Insurance and you need to file a claim call 1-800-280-1466 (option 3). There are customer service agents available to answer your call and start your claim 24/7. The General Auto Insurance customer service suggests contacting the police or 9-1-1 in the event of an accident, especially if there are injuries involved. The insured must participate fully in the claim settlement process to receive compensation.

About The General Auto Insurance Plan

The General Auto Insurance offers monthly payments for most customers. If you’d prefer a different payment schedule (quarterly or yearly) contact customer service to discuss alternate payment plans.

Coverage Details

  • Liability: Coverage for you and your automobile. Your coverage may extend to another vehicle if you have permission to use the vehicle and, in some cases, other drivers will be covered when driving your vehicle. Coverage details vary by state.
  • Medical Payments: Medical coverage for you, members of your family and others riding in your vehicle. Payments are limited by the coverage elected when the policy is written.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Provides coverage to you, your family and your passengers when the other drive is not fully covered or does not have auto insurance coverage.
  • Comprehensive and Collision: Pays for automobile repairs no matter who is deemed at fault for the accident. Collision covers direct impact with another vehicle. Comprehensive covers damage caused by events other than a collision.

Where to Get a Quote

Contact Information for The General Auto Insurance

By Phone: For information on auto insurance coverage and a quote call 1-866-519-7422.

By Email: There is no direct email address for The General Auto Insurance customer service, but there is a contact form located at This contact form is for general and auto policy questions only, not for sharing information about payments, payment details or banking/financial information.

By Mail: Current and potential customers can send communication by mail to the corporate office.

The General Auto InsuranceAttn: Customer Service2636 Elm Hill PikeSte. 510Nashville, TN 37214

Official Website: The official website is located at Customers can log in at

Inquire About Your The General Auto Insurance Claim Status: Customers can check claim status by calling 1-800-280-1466 (option 3). There may also be options to check your claim status after you log in.

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