Time Insurance Company Claim

Filing The Claim With Time Insurance Company Provider

Policyholders of Time Insurance Company can follow the process of filing a claim by visiting the official website http://www.timeagent.com/ or visiting the Assurant Health website http://www.assuranthealth.com/corp/ah/Customers/current-customers-using-plan.htm. After completing a claim, you will submit your information through the claims website or send you information to the corporate address.

Time Insurance Company has a reputation in the insurance industry as a company offering financial stability and affordable healthcare products. The company offers several healthcare products, including medical insurance, insurance for small business owners, health savings accounts and major medial health plans. With more than 100 years in the business, Time Insurance Company is committed to provide solutions to your healthcare needs.

About A Time Insurance Company Plan

Payments of your Time Insurance premiums are made on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. If you need additional information relating to your premium payments, contact your agent.

Coverage Details

Policyholders of Time Insurance Company have the opportunity to purchase one of the following products:

Fixed Benefit: This type of insurance allows policyholders to pay for insurance services they use on a regular basis. Policyholders have the opportunity to set aside a specific amount to cover routine procedures. This type of insurance does not require policyholders to pay a deductible first. Check with your Time Insurance Agent for additional information relating to coverage levels.

Major Medical: Major Medical insurance covers you and your family. The service covers preventative services as well as allows customers to create a health savings account to help cover the costs associated with procedures.

Dental: Dental insurance covers routine procedures and preventative care. If you combine dental insurance with an existing plan, you have the opportunity to save money.

Supplemental: Adding supplemental insurance, such as critical illness, accidental or dental insurance t an existing health plan save policyholders money. The insurance product pays benefits in the event a policyholder has a life-threatening disease or is involved in an accident.

Where to Get a Quote: Time Insurance Company Contact Info & Login

By Phone: Policyholders can reach out to the customer service department here 1-800-355-4777

By Phone (major medical): 1-800-553-7654

By Phone (fixed benefits): 1-800-392-0240

By Phone (small business): 1-800-328-4316

By Phone (short-term insurance): 1-800-800-2412

By Email: Send correspondence to the customer service department or the claims department here: http://www.timeagent.com/Content/ContactUs.aspx

By Mail: Policyholders can send correspondence to the following locations:

Assurant Employee Benefits 2323 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64108


Assurant Health P.O. Box 624 501 West Michigan Milwaukee, WI 53201-0624


Assurant Solutions 260 Interstate North Circle, SE Atlanta, GA 30339-2210


Assurant Health Time Insurance Company 11222 Quail Roost Drive Miami, FL 33157-6596


Assurant Specialty Property Time Insurance Company 260 Interstate North Circle, SE Atlanta, GA 30339-2210

Official Website: http://www.timeagent.com/

Inquire About Your Time Insurance Company Claim Status: You can check on the status of your existing claim by visit the Time Insurance Company claims website http://www.assuranthealth.com/corp/ah/Providers/ClaimsSubmission.htm or the Assurant Health claims website http://www.assurant.com/inc/assurant/contact/contact_details.html?claim.

8 Comments on “Time Insurance Company Claim
  1. I am the husband of Jean Jenrette , policy number 02752846, my name is Victor Jenrette. I am writing on behalf of both of us. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU PEOPLE? It’s been over a month we have requested a withdraw and still we have nothing! This process is incredibly slow. The forms have been mailed and faxed to us. We in turn to expedite this have faxed back. Yes, we missed one box that needed checked. But that has been resolved and we still wait. My daughter requested the same thing with her insurance company and her money was deposited the next day. I’m thankful this was not an emergency because had it been…. We are old, my wife is forced to work, and we have bills to pay. I am a disable military veteran and my mobility is restricted. We are doing our part, how about you? Sincerely, Victor M. Jenrette.

  2. I have had a term life insurance policy with Time Ins. Co. since 1993, and I would like some information. If I cashed out now what would the cash settlement be?

    Please adise. And thank you.

    Margaret M. Lee

  3. I have a policy with time insurance since 1995. I am looking for my bill. I have never received one for this month. Please contact asap so I know what is going on with my policy

  4. My Assurant health account was canceled in January, but yet $11.63 has been deducted from my account every month since. Not sure how that is possible or why it is happening.

  5. I have a dental plan through Time. I think the policy number is 0061929558 Brandon Smith 37166 is my zip code. I need to file a claim but don’t know how are where to file it. Please reply ASAP.

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