Unifi Companies Life Insurance Claim

How to File a Claim With Unifi Companies Life Insurance

Filing The Claim With Unifi Companies Life Insurance Provider

If you need to file a claim with Unifi Companies life insurance you can contact the appropriate phone number for the insurance company that holds your policy. There are multiple insurance companies under the Unifi Companies umbrella.

Unifi Companies is now known as Ameritas. Ameritas, Ameritas New York, Acacia, Union Central, Summit and Calvert companies all work under the Unifi Companies or Ameritas name.

About A Unifi Companies Life Health Insurance Plan

Payment details are determined on a case-by-case basis by each insurance company.

Coverage Details

  • Universal Life Insurance: Permanent life insurance policy requiring regular premium payments to maintain coverage. The policy gains cash value through interest accumulation. The policy allows for flexible face value and flexible premium payments.
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance: Similar to universal life insurance, but customers have control over how money is invested. Money markets, stocks and bonds are used to accumulate cash value. No specific cash value is guaranteed.
  • Whole Life Insurance: A permanent life insurance policy offering cash value.
  • Term Life Insurance: A set term of life insurance coverage, based on years covered (10, 20, 30, etc.). The face value of the policy is paid to beneficiaries if death occurs during the life of the term policy. Term policies have no value at the end of the term, but some policies may be renewed for a new term. The cost of term policies tends to increase as the insured ages.

Where to Get a Quote: Unifi Companies Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Unifi Companies Life Insurance

By Phone: There are various contact phone numbers to choose from when calling Unifi Companies Life Insurance.

  • Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation: 1-800-745-1112
  • Ameritas Life Insurance of New York: 1-877-280-6110
  • The Union Central Life Insurance Company: 1-800-319-6901
  • Acacia Life Insurance Company: 1-800-745-1112

By Email:

By Mail:

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation5900 O St. P.O. Box 81889Lincoln, NE 68501


Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation of New York1350 Broadway Ste. 2201New York, NY 10018


The Union Central Life Insurance Company1876 Waycross Rd. P.O. Box 40888Cincinnati, OH 45240


Acacia Life Insurance Company4550 Montgomery Ave. 10th Fl. Bethesda, MD 20814

Official Website:

Inquire About Your Unifi Companies Life Insurance Claim Status: To check the status of your Unifi Companies life insurance claim contact the appropriate customer service department or log in to your account on the relevant website.

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