Unitrin Claim

Unitrin Claim

Filing The Claim with Unitrin Provider

All Unitrin customers can file claims online starting in the claims center at http://www.kemper.com/wps/portal/Kemper/Home/ClaimsCenter/ReportClaim/!ut/p/b1/hY_LcptAFES_JR9gc2cYM7BEICFeIx4DAjYqXiIII4gjIcHXm1Rl44WT3nVVV9c5QiYkQnbNp7bJb-1wzd__9Ew6GcEGlA1S4cBNCqaOdi4BFxtEFI5Csi9HRx_8ZrtNAsSbLgj8vL43c7UrtIeUxpZ7eSG4IkVLGXOmMpymALkd-5VvMNyhhJfex9LBLm_cKCROHbpohDw_zvdjO8rX4a1mdJCD5h5UdjhHKW7aLQnuWhY13GbXU63un236iFbYdIWFb6LC_1wsIWuL_vVR9q_wSiRFkTGVJIyQhGS6mmZfDwAO64HDrJ0PBwwU_x38AyBdB_RbBBsJXEiAnMLLPJpLtwSXxRc5txyXmyLwIw51HjK-RS7bMa5HCAFiLs3ckDJz7Q-ueF4VB9FGVYsmTI2vSooCSMSAAQjCMpGFeJ92VB_URt_qHrnpcTWlnWQWqW3tNBVEH5-mTGzKahnqjHcbdTqXz4-LbZidloxsVm9WynLP62mcGlobFZnsvf-UJ1_N4Pc8xcocVSOp8DmusnA5ywEsxNUfc1cu8ENg-6GvhbGfnDdrvyRLrX4CR93XFA!!/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/. You will choose from Auto, Property, Auto Glass and Roadside/Towing from the dropdown menu to access the appropriate claims forms.

The Unitrin name has been changed to Kemper. All information about Unitrin is now available on the Kemper branded website. Insurance policies from Unitrin are available in 47 states and Washington, DC. More than 15,000 agents and 6,000 employees work with Unitrin in handling the six million (and growing) policies.

About a Unitrin Plan

Unitrin supplies auto insurance policies to customers. Auto insurance policies are generally billed monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. You can work with your agent to set a payment schedule that works best with your personal finances. Customers can log in to their account for payment options at http://www.kemper.com/wps/portal/Kemper/Home/InformationCenter/CustomerLogin/!ut/p/b1/hY_LboMwFES_pR8QfCEYw9LG5AEtFKSmrjcVRIDMIy6FFJKvbyp123R2I50jzSCJBJKn_EvV-aT0Ke9-unTetxkDj5kUABIC-8c43KSQWMDxDXi7AfBHKPznh0iqojfmY2-A4Vp47diOY1kumOBhdODHduGa1jzg2Xhl0PGInAtFdDZqv-0Za5hdhd3KbfCw3pmfz_sn3xRnMb9IjOtmUDgdIp_g7VjJy2Qf4osvZN_AlGVJPIpA1WWBhzIlenFEkUcebRa6cjZzQB_QK5J35xPrF7hzP97pvkQfvbiWbUW_Aab4bEo!/dl4/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2X0dSQjA5QjFBME9USTcwSUQxRk00ME0yMEQx/.

Other insurance policies available from Unitrin include: boat, home, renters and condo insurance. All generally offer the same flexibility for premium payments.

Coverage Details

  • Vehicle: Vehicle insurance includes automobile, commercial automobile and boat insurance for individuals. Commercial auto insurance coverage is also available for businesses.
  • Property: Coverage for your home, rental property, personal belongings and collectibles; includes personal liability protection.
  • Life: Life insurance from Unitrin includes whole and term life insurance. Whole life insurance allows the insured to build cash value in the policy. Term life insurance allows coverage for a set term (from 10 to 30 years, most often) with no cash value.
  • Health: Coverage for accidents, surgery, home health care and cancer/heart care.
  • Other: Other insurance policies available from Unitrin include personal catastrophe and identity theft insurance.

Where to Get a Quote: Unitrin Contact Info & Login

By phone (Unitrin corporate): 1-866-536-7376

By phone (Unitrin corporate claims): 1-866-860-9348

By phone (Kemper Direct customer service): 1-800-437-8394

By phone (Kemper Direct claims): 1-877-506-4222

By phone (Kemper Direct sales): 1-877-481-8836

By phone (Kemper Preferred customer service): 1-877-252-7878

By phone (Kemper Preferred claims): 1-888-252-2799

By phone (Kemper Select customer service and claims): 1-800-637-2782

By phone (Kemper Specialty customer service): 1-800-456-0448

By phone (Kemper Specialty claims): 1-888-253-7834

By phone (Reserve National customer service): 1-800-654-9106

By phone (Kemper Home Service customer service): 1-800-777-8467

By email: http://www.kemper.com/wps/portal/Kemper/Home/AboutKemper/ContactUs/!ut/p/b1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOLdg5wMLJ0MHQ0MDPzNDTx9_LzcAg38jQxCzIAKIoEKDHAARwNC-r30ozKTcvXKk3P1DPQsTc2MTCwMTEwtzExNDY0t9MP1o_AaYG4EVYDHAX4e-bmp-gW5EZXBAemKAKiZGZ8!/dl4/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2X0dSQjA5QjFBME9USTcwSUQxRk00ME0yODQ1/

By mail (Unitrin corporate):

Kemper Corporation 1 E. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60601

By mail (Unitrin corporate claims):

Kemper Services Group P.O. Box 2847 Clinton, IA 52733

By mail (Kemper Direct payments):

Kemper Direct P.O. Box 181101 Chattanooga, TN 37414

By mail (Kemper Preferred customer service):

Kemper Preferred 12926 Gran Bay Pkwy W. Jacksonville, FL 32258

By mail (Kemper Specialty payments):

Kemper Specialty P.O. Box 660420 Dallas, TX 75266

By mail (Reserve National customer service):

Reserve National Insurance Company 601 E. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114

By mail (Reserve National claims):

Reserve National Insurance Company P.O. Box 26620 Oklahoma City, OK 73126

By mail (Reserve National customer service):

Reserve National Insurance Company 601 E. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Official website: http://www.kemper.com

Inquire about your Unitrin claim status: To check the status of your Unitrin claim, contact the claims adjuster assigned to your claim or call the corporate claims office at 1-866-536-7376.

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