Universal North America Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim with Universal North America Insurance Provider

When you need to file a Universal North America Insurance claim, call 1-866-999-0898. According to the timeline published on the company website, most claims are processed and paid within five days of submission. Adjustors try to contact all customers about reported claims within 24 hours of the report.

Universal North America Insurance provides specialty insurance, home insurance and renters insurance to customers in the United States. The parent company is Universal Puerto Rice. Customer service is a huge part of the company motto – claiming 60 second phone answering on 97% of calls.

About a Universal North America Insurance Plan

Your Universal North America Insurance payments can be made from your online account. You can also connect with an agent and make changes to your policy online.

Coverage Details

Universal North America Insurance offers eight insurance policies. Most are specialty insurance, but a couple are standard insurance policies held by a large portion of the population.

  • Homeowners: Provides personal property, liability and dwelling coverage for all insured customers.
  • Condo: Designed to fill in the gap between current condo insurance and customer needs, including medical payments, personal liability and loss of rental income.
  • Renters Insurance: Providers coverage for personal property and protects against personal liability.
  • Dwelling Fire: Protection for landlords against damage incurred in a dwelling fire.
  • Home Equipment: Coverage for equipment in the home, including air conditioning, electrical units, telephone, security, well water systems and swimming pool equipment.
  • Flood: Flood protection designed to be added onto a homeowner’s policy.
  • Business Owner: Insurance coverage for small businesses with coverage limits up to $5 million.
  • Earthquake: Home and personal property protection against damage caused by an earthquake.

Where to Get a Quote: Universal North America Insurance Contact Info & Login

Contact Information for Universal North America Insurance

By phone (personal policies): 1-866-458-4262

By phone (personal policy fax): 1-817-348-7961

By phone (commercial policies): 1-866-458-4262

By phone (commercial policy fax): 1-817-348-7997

By phone (flood policies): 1-877-826-6924

By phone (flood policy fax): 1-206-436-3918

By phone (claims): 1-866-999-0898

By email (personal policies): underwriting@uihna.com

By email (commercial policies): CLunderwritingFL@uihna.com

By email (flood policies): flood@uihna.com

By mail:

Universal North America
P.O. Box 50907
Sarasota, FL 34232

Official website: http://www.uihna.com

Inquire about your Universal North America Insurance claim status: Call the Universal North America Insurance claims center at 1-866-999-0898 to inquire about the status of your claim.

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  1. We have been very disappointed with how slow the process of repairs have been with my house. Thumbs down for sure!!!!

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