Wellpoint Insurance Claim

Filing the Claim With Wellpoint Insurance Provider

If you need to file a claim under your worker’s compensation plan, you’ll need to contact Anthem Insurance at 1-877-232-8440. The human resources department of medium to large sized businesses may have a direct number to a specific agent in the service area. Claim reporting will likely required detailed information about the employee and incident.

About A Wellpoint Workers Comp Plan

Wellpoint is an umbrella insurance company that offers services directly and from other affiliated companies. For instance, worker’s compensation insurance policies are handled by Anthem Worker’s Compensation – not Wellpoint directly.

Coverage Details

Businesses covered by Wellpoint worker’s compensation package will be covered directly by Anthem. All benefits for the program are listed on the Anthem website here http://www.anthemwc.com/awc_overview.asp. Benefits associated with Wellpoint worker’s compensation insurance include:

  • PPO Networks: Medical providers through a PPO network reduces overall medical costs.
  • Bill Review: Completely electronic billing system designed to speed processing and eliminate errors.
  • Electronic PPO Billing: Pricing and billing details can be edited electronically to maintain a clean bill with each claim.
  • Medical Management: Case review and support by a physician advisory panel.
  • Full-Time Worker’s Compensation Staff: All agents working in the worker’s compensation department are dedicated to that department 100-percent of the time.

There is no mention of employer liability coverage with Anthem worker’s compensation insurance. Some worker’s compensation companies will offer employer liability coverage in case the company is sued by the employee. This type of coverage does not appear to be a part of Anthem coverage.

Where to Get A Quote: Wellpoint Insurance Contact Info & Login

Wellpoint Insurance provides workers comp benefits through Anthem Workers Compensation. If you need to contact Anthem, look at the back of your insurance card or fill out the request for information on the Anthem website at https://www.anthemwc.com/request_information_form.asp.

If you need to contact Wellpoint for anything in regards to an insurance claim, claim status or account information of any kind, refer to the contact information listed on the back of your card. The following contact information is for Wellpoint Insurance corporate headquarters only.

By phone: 1-317-488-6000

By mail:

WellPoint, Inc.
120 Monument Cir.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Official website: http://www.wellpoint.com

Check the claim status on your workers comp case: Contact the phone number on the back of your insurance card for more information on claim status or call 1-877-232-8440.

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