Zenith Insurance Company Insurance Claim

Zenith Insurance Company Claim

Filing The Claim with Zenith Insurance Company Provider

Zenith Insurance offers two types of policies – worker’s compensation and agribusiness. To file a worker’s compensation claim visit the claim center at http://www.thezenith.com/claimcenter/wc/reportonline/page36103.html. If you have an agribusiness policy, visit http://www.thezenith.com/claimcenter/agribusinessclaims/reportclaim/page46235.html to file your claim.

Zenith Insurance is a Fairfax Financial Holdings company. The company has been in business for more than 60 years and in that time they’ve grown to provide insurance policies to customers in 45 states and Washington, D.C.

About a Zenith Insurance Company Plan

Your Zenith Insurance payments will be paid directly to the company on a payment schedule determined when the policy is underwritten. Customer service agents may be able to help change a payment schedule on some policies. You can contact customer service at 1-800-440-5020 for more information on payment options. Learn more via the official website at http://www.thezenith.com/zas/managepolicy/premiumpayment/page45490.html.

Coverage Details

The two main policies offered by Zenith Insurance are worker’s compensation and agribusiness.

  • Worker’s Compensation: Provides coverage for employees via policies purchased by the employer. Any injury that occurs while on the job is covered. The cause of the accident of injury is not a determining factor for coverage.
  • Agribusiness: If you own an agricultural business, farm or ranch, agribusiness insurance provides for commercial and specialty coverage, as needed. Available policies include commercial auto, personal liability and farm umbrella.

Where to Get a Quote: Zenith Insurance Company Contact Info & Login

By phone (customer service): 1-800-440-5020

By phone (agribusiness customer service): 1-877-581-8237

By phone (California claims fax): 1-877-280-4701

By phone (other states claims fax): 1-800-364-0443

By phone (Birmingham): 1-800-355-0708

By phone (Fresno): 1-559-432-6660

By phone (Orange): 1-714-705-2300

By phone (Pleasanton): 1-925-460-0600

By phone (Roseville): 1-916-781-2100

By phone (Sacramento): 1-916-614-3140

By phone (San Diego): 1-619-299-6252

By phone (Woodland Hills): 1-818-713-1000

By phone (Hollywood, FL): 1-941-906-2000

By phone (Orlando): 1-800-999-3242

By phone (Sarasota): 1-941-906-2000

By phone (Charlotte): 1-800-200-2667

By phone (East Norriton): 1-484-622-2900

By phone (Austin): 1-512-306-1700

By phone (Dallas): 1-972-661-7200

By email: http://www.thezenith.com/contact/specialists/ask/page36121.html

By mail: There are two claims addresses that should be used for all medical and claims communication – if mail delivery is requested or desired. For additional office mailing addresses visit http://www.thezenith.com/contact/specialists/branch/page35292.html for all office addresses.

Zenith Insurance Company

Attn: California ClaimsP.O. Box 9055Van Nuys, CA 91409


Zenith Insurance CompanyAttn: ClaimsP.O. Box 1558Sarasota, FL 34230

Official website: The Zenith Insurance official website is located at http://www.thezenith.com.

Check on your claim status: You can check the status of your worker’s compensation claim by calling 1-800-440-5020 or 1-877-581-8237 if you’ve filed an agribusiness claim. Information on your claim may also be available from your online account after logging in at https://online.thezenith.com/launchpad/.

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