Hartford Insurance Claim

Filing The Claim With Hartford Provider

Hartford policyholders can file a claim by visiting the official website http://www.thehartford.com/vehicle-insurance/auto-claims-service. You can submit your claim by mail or signing into your account.

As a leader in the insurance industry, Hartford maintains a standard of excellence by offering low-cost products as well as exceptional customer service. The company provides products to millions or customers around the globe.

About A Hartford Plan

Hartford policyholders are billed on a monthly basis. If a monthly billing cycle is not an ideal solution, you have the ability to change your billing, allowing you to make payments bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly payments.

Coverage Details

As a valued Hartford policyholder, you have the ability to choose from one of the following products designed to fit your needs. Check with your Hartford Auto Insurance agent to see the coverage needed for your state:

Collision: This type of coverage covers the cost of damage to your vehicle, up to the value of your vehicle. You will need to pay your deductible prior to the insurance covering the costs.

Comprehensive: In the event your vehicle is damaged by means other than a collision, comprehensive coverage assists with covering the applicable costs. Damage could include natural disasters, theft or fire.

Medical Payments: This type of coverage assists with medical payments because of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Bodily Injury Protection: In the event you are involved in an accident resulting in bodily injury or death, this type of insurance helps cover the costs.

Property Damage Liability: If you are in an accident, where you are at fault, resulting in property damage; this type of liability covers applicable costs.

Uninsured Motorist – Bodily: If you or your passenger is injured in an accident and the other motorist is uninsured or underinsured, this type of coverage assists with the costs. The coverage also covers death expenses.

Uninsured Motorist – Property: This type of coverage helps cover the cost of damage to your property in the event the other motorist is uninsured or does not carry an adequate amount of insurance.

Personal Injury Protection: regardless of who is at fault, personal injury protection covers the cost of the accident.

Full Glass: This type of insurance covers the repair of broken glass, if you are involved in an accident. No deductible is applied if your glass is replaced.

Towing and Labor: There are additional costs involved with an accident, such as towing and labor. If you have this particular coverage, the costs are covered, minus your deductible.

Where to Get a Quote: Hartford Auto Insurance Contact Info and Login

Contact Information for Hartford

By Phone: You can contact the customer service department at 1-800-547-5000 or 1-800-892-8484 or 1-877-805-9918.

By Email: Policyholders looking to connect with the customer service department can do so by utilizing the customer feedback form here http://www.thehartford.com/contact-the-hartford/customer-feedback-form2.

By Mail: Hartford policyholders can send correspondence to the customer service team or the corporate offices to the following locations:

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.One Hartford PlazaHartford, CT 06155


AARP Insurance ProgramThe HartfordP.O. Box 14219Lexington, KY 40512


The HartfordP.O. Box 2999Hartford, CT 06104-2999

Official Website: http://www.thehartford.com/auto-insurance/

Inquire About Your Hartford Claim Status: Hartford policyholders can check on their existing claims by visiting the official website http://www.thehartford.com/vehicle-insurance/auto-claims-service or by logging into your account through the main website.

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  1. that I have to do background check first, the agent kept on tlnlieg over and over that their offer for the “signing” and start of saving is only valid for the day. The agent was very persistent to make me believe with everything she said within “standard 45 mins” and entrust my money with the company I only known during the same they(the hell!). I ended up pissed-off with her and the PPLIC for my waisted time.I left their office bad trip and without finishing/doing the number matching game to win a car(kuno!). I tried to return the freebie(tumbler) to make them feel worthless but they never accepted it. Now, I have it in our house as a symbol of a very annoying company.I had observed that the agent memorized the flow of discussion by writing important points upside-down with the paper and words facing in front of me while she is on the opposite side of the table.In my opinion, this is not just a wrong doing of some agents using this deceptive marketing. I think they were trained to this kind of deception. This is a problem within the core of this very annoying company, PPLIC.

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